Abbott fawns over World War Two Japanese

Tony Abbott

Contributed article. It was with some shock that I read that Prime Minister Tony Abbott had said of the Japanese in World War Two that “We admired the skill and the sense of honour that they brought to their task although we disagreed with what ...
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Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

In memory of our fallen heroes: It is the temper of the people that counts. It is the national spirit that wins; because it is prepared to endure any hardship and suffer any sacrifice rather than defeat. Hence, whatever changes in methods of ...
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Gough Whitlam — a balanced view


The recent passing of former Prime Minister E. G. Whitlam has, naturally, resulted in a great deal of reflection of his time in office up until his dismissal in 1975. As one would expect, his time in politics has resulted in both media and ...
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Burkhas should be banned — but banning burkhas is missing the point


[Contributed article] Having people walking the streets with their faces covered by balaclavas, burkhas, or anything similar makes for a bad society. It engenders an atmosphere of wariness and distrust between people. If it is legal for people ...
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Burka (niqab) issue requires careful thought

Burka 210x150

[Contributed article] The wearing of the niqab (commonly incorrectly referred to as a “burka”) by some Muslim women in Australia has become a hot issue for public debate recently, with Tasmanian Palmer United Party senator Jacqui Lambie ...
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Beheadings planned, but politicians ignore the underlying problem

Islam will dominate the world

According to news reports, Islamic extremists in Australia had planned to behead random Australian citizens. It has been reported that there was an intention to kidnap someone off the street, behead them, and record the act on video. The Islamic ...
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Islamic extremists in Australia


The arrest of alleged Islamic extremists in Australia, and the issues raised regarding the alleged planned beheading of random Australians, has once again raised the problem of Islamic extremism in our country. Some past articles on this subject may ...
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Concentrating only on extremist Muslims is missing the big picture


[Contributed article] There is a video link being passed around the internet showing Nigel Farage (the leader of the UK Independence Party) talking about his admiration for Australia’s politicians. In the video, Farage says: “If you listen to ...
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Australia should not sign trade treaties which give away our sovereign rights


[Contributed article] A timely warning has been issued against certain clauses in the current crop of international trade treaties being negotiated. It has been quite rightly pointed out that the “investor-state dispute settlement” clauses in ...
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7th anniversary of APP


From the APP national chairman, Andrew Phillips Today marks the day 7 years ago when a small group of patriots from around Australia decided to officially form the Australian Protectionist Party. Those patriots saw the need for an ...
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