Anzac Day 2024

On this day, we remember our Australian heroes who fought and died to protect our nation.

The brave men and women of our military forces faced unknown and frightening dangers, and yet still went forward in spite of any fears that they may have had.

Tens of thousands lost their lives, and hundreds of thousands were wounded; many lost limbs, and an untold number were forever affected by firearms, artillery, bombs, traps, and other weapons of war. Indeed, some casualties of war would have preferred to have been killed, rather than suffer the lifelong effects of horrific disfigurement. To see photos of soldiers with arms blown off, noses gone, or half a face missing, yet still alive, is to really see some of the true horrors of war.

It’s easy to talk about fighting and dying, but the realities of war are far, far worse than that; much worse than most of us can even imagine. The physical realities of war are bad enough, but then we have to add to that the psychological devastation that is inflicted on serving personnel as well. Yet, well over a million served in the Australian military forces in the two world wars alone, let alone the other conflicts we engaged in — and all those people faced being a victim of war, but went ahead and served anyway, in spite of the many terrible possible outcomes that could befall them.

The brave men and women in our armed forces aren’t heroes because they fight without fear; they’re heroes because they have fears, but fight on regardless; they’re heroes because they’re willing to risk everything for us, even when they know the dangers. We have been very lucky to have such people as part of our nation.

So, on this day, remember all of our heroes, not just the ones who died for us, but also the ones who lived. They all deserve to be commemorated for being willing to go through hell on our behalf.

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