The truth behind the “Voice”

As most people would know, the activist Aboriginal community is heavily peppered with extreme Leftists, Marxists, and neo-Communists. Putting an Aboriginal “Voice” into the Constitution is simply a dodgy Labor Party tactic to permanently put into place an extreme Leftist bastion inside of the country’s Parliament.

If the Labor Party wanted an Aboriginal advisory committee to offer suggestions to the Parliament, then they could implement that without any change to the Constitution (even though doing so would be discrimination against everyone else in Australia). So, if they could arrange that Aboriginal contribution, without any Constitutional change, then why are they pushing the “Voice”?

The Leftists want a permanent political advantage
The biggest advantage to the Labor Party of having an Aboriginal “Voice” in the Constitution is that by doing so they will create a permanent Leftist beachhead inside Federal Parliament, thereby giving their side of politics a permanent political advantage.

In effect, the Labor Party are a bunch of used-car salesmen, who are trying to sell us a lemon. It won’t be until long after we’ve signed the paperwork that the wheels will fall off, and we find out just how bad the deal was.

The Cultural Marxists want an Aboriginal “Voice” in the Constitution because it will give the extreme Left more power.

The devil is in the detail
The real devil is in the detail. And, of course, the dodgy Labor Party hasn’t released the full details of how they intend the “Voice” to work (as if you could believe what they tell you anyway). Where’s their proposed legislation for what they intend to do? What they want is for us to sign a blank cheque, to give approval to a legal document which is a blank sheet.

If the “Voice” went ahead, how long would it be until some Leftist judge makes a ruling that the “Voice” amendment in the Constitution has some “implied” meaning? The “Voice” clause can then be legally misinterpreted; instead of being a committee which “can” be consulted, it will easily be changed into a committee which “must” be consulted.

We run the risk of putting a bunch of radical Leftist, white-hating, Aboriginal extremists in charge of every decision made by Parliament. It could even become a situation whereby the Federal Cabinet cannot make any decisions unless they’ve consulted the “Voice” group of Aboriginal activists.

Don’t be fooled; it’s all about power.

Professor Marcia Langton, described as one of the key architects of the “Voice”, has let the cat out of the bag. She wants the Aboriginal “Voice” group to have “safe standing”, whereby government decisions can only be made and implemented after the government consults with the “Voice”; she doesn’t want the government to be able to ignore the new group’s decisions “with impunity”.

To put an Aboriginal “Voice” into the Australian Constitution would be to give a group of Leftist Aborigines power over the workings of our Federal Parliament.

Don’t sign the blank sheet
The Labor Party’s push for an Aboriginal “Voice” is a con. It is a race-based push for power.

Considering the anti-Western and anti-white nature of the Labor Party, it should be obvious that the “Voice” is yet another way of undermining the future of the true blue Australian people.

It should be borne in mind that the Labor Party has offered no final paperwork on how the “Voice” will operate in a Constitutional context. Where are the actual details? Where is the proposed legislation that would implement and impose the “Voice” and its workings upon us?

PM Anthony Albanese has offered a draft wording, of about 70 words, for the “Voice” to appear in the Constitution. However, as anyone involved in Constitutional law knows, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Those 70 words will spawn reams of legislation, rules, and casework to “interpret” what it actually means.

The treacherous Prime Minister’s own wording says “The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws with respect to the composition, functions, powers and procedures of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.”

That means that the Federal Parliament (for example, a Labor-dominated parliament) can give whatever functions and powers it likes to the “Voice”. That is to say, the Labor Party, with their Greenie mates, can turn the “Voice” into anything it wants. It could give it a major role in Federal Parliament. It could turn it into a massive federal bureaucracy. In extremity, it could give that body of Aboriginal activists its own police force, with powers of arrest. It could become anything at all, subject to the wildest imagination of Labor and Green politicians.

As Andrew Bolt has said, “We could be creating a race-based and unelected monster in our Constitution, with the power to cripple our democracy.”

They can’t be trusted
“Hey, no worries” says the Labor Party shyster, “it’ll be fine, just sign this blank sheet; you can trust me.” Well, actually, no, we can’t trust you. The Aboriginal “Voice” is a shonky deal, and we know it.

Albanese can’t be trusted. The Labor Party can’t be trusted (nor can the Liberal Party, for that matter). The so-called “Voice” can’t be trusted.

The “Voice” is a con, a trick, a sleazy play for power. Don’t be fooled by the untrustworthy politicians who want to foist it upon you (and upon all future generations to come). Don’t fall for their slick talking and ingratiating smiles as they try to sell you a poisonous lemon. It’s not going to end well.

Don’t sign the blank sheet. Be extremely wary of dodgy politicians. Protect your future, and always say “No” to the slimy Canberra shysters and their dodgy deals.

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