Politically-motivated violence

A pie in the face on a comedy show may look like fun, but in real life it’s assault and battery

A woman who (allegedly) attacked Natasha Fyles (Chief Minister of the Northern Territory), by smashing a cream-covered crepe into her face, has been charged with aggravated assault. Fyles was out at her local market, and wasn’t even engaged in a political activity (not that the venue or type of activity should make any difference; wantonly assaulting someone is a crime no matter who or where they are).

The police were quite right to charge the (alleged) attacker, as it was a cowardly and despicable act, no matter what one may think of how Fyles has been handling her job as Chief Minister.

The Fraser Anning case (2019)
So, the Chief Minister’s attacker has been charged; but why didn’t the police charge the cowardly “Egg Boy” (Will Connolly) when he attacked Senator Fraser Anning from behind? Why the difference? Is it because Fyles is a Leftist (a Labor Party politician), whilst Fraser is a Conservative?

(By the way, although the police couldn’t find the willpower to charge “Egg Boy”, they did charge a young man who kicked Connolly after he attacked Fraser. Despite calls for justice, the police steadfastly refused to actually charge the egg attacker himself; the cowardly “Egg Boy” got away with performing his sneak attack.)

Will Connolly thought that politically-motivated violence was a great idea. He achieved celebrity status amongst Leftists, with the Australian Broadcasting Commission fawning all over him.

BuzzFeed News reported that “Connolly shot to stardom. His Instagram account grew to have 660,000 followers. International music artists promised him VIP treatment at their concerts. Murals were painted of him. There was even an Egg Boy action figure.”

Because coward Connolly wasn’t charged, he became emboldened, even threatening to attack someone else, declaring “I’ve been saying that I have one egg left for someone special, I just don’t know who it is yet”. BuzzFeed News reported that the unrepentant Connolly boasted “One hundred percent I’d do it again”.

The Left’s endorsement of politically-motivated violence
The Far Left extremist Sarah Hanson-Young declared that Connolly was “Australia’s newest hero”, thereby endorsing and supporting his politically-motivated violence.

Ironically, the cowardly attack by Will Connolly came after Brenton Tarrant attacked two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Was Connolly aware that he was, in essence, endorsing Tarrant’s decision to engage in politically-motivated violence? Sure, the type and scale of politically-motivated violence they both used are very far apart from each other on the violence spectrum, but the essential principle remains: both Will Connolly and Brenton Tarrant engaged in politically-motivated violence.

With both Will Connolly and Sarah Hanson-Young supporting the principle of politically-motivated violence, where will it end? Who is to decide what is an acceptable level of politically-motivated violence? With emotionally-deranged Leftists declaring that “Trump is a fascist” and “Trump is literally Hitler”, it would be no surprise if an extremist Leftist tried to assassinate Donald Trump; such a person would have decided that this type of politically-motivated violence is totally acceptable. What about people who want to violently target all of Australia’s politicians for political reasons? This is the slippery slope that both Will Connolly and Sarah Hanson-Young have started down.

The Left love political violence. This can be seen by their support for the BLM riots, as well as for their support for personal attacks upon individuals such as Tony Abbott, Andrew Bolt, Carl Benjamin, Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson, and Richard Spencer.

What goes around comes around. People should be careful of advocating political violence, lest they reap what they sow, for the Fates may not smile kindly on the bringers of evil.


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