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why is it all of the parties are basically the same inas much as they fully endorse a legal system weighted heavilly against the sick ... See MoreSee Less

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The problem of our representative democracy is the skewing of facts by disproportionally representing a section in a bell curve.

For example, most main stream politicians and left leaning politicians would portrait Muslim immigrants are open minded friendly, LGBT accepting, meek humble people. When anyone who has visited the Middle East or Indonesia would tell you most Muslims are LGBT hating, Christians hating, bigoted, women hating people who want Sharia law.

While left leaning politicians would focus on the 0.1% educated Muslim females (who were fortunate enough to get an education), who tell you how much they love gays and Christians; and the main stream politicians would care about the 0.1% wealthy Muslim donors who have contributed to their election campaign funds or their oversea ski trips, they ignored the 10% Muslims who want Sharia law and are potential terrorists, along with the rest of the 89.9% who genuinely hate us and want Sharia law too.

Or in the case of Indian Immigrants, most politicians, or outsourcing firm CEOS would tell you Indians are honest tax payers and how much they would contribute to the economy. While there might be 1% of the skilled immigrants from India we actually need, the vast majority of those low wage Indian IT workers and engineers simply push down wages and destroy any chance of our future University graduates of getting employment, and those Indian migrants who have gamed our bureaucracy to come over here using false resumes and often take the work of our young people and unskilled workers.
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