Eureka anniversary

Rebel gold diggers rally around the Eureka flag

Rebel gold diggers rally around the Eureka flag

The 3rd of December is the anniversary of the Battle of the Eureka Stockade. The miners of Ballarat had put up for too long with the arrogance and brutality of the police on the goldfields, and had decided to rebel against an unjust system of heavy taxation and heavy-handed brutality.

May people like to think that, if they were there, at that time, that they would have been standing up with the diggers against the oppressive police force and an authoritarian government. Sadly, when it comes down to reality, it is unlikely that most people would rebel. Most will just keep their heads covered, do whatever the thugs of the police force tell them to do, and obey the directives of the government.

When the federal government and the state governments of Australia brought in oppressive rules and regulations to deal with the outbreak of Covid-19, hardly anyone rose up against the System. There were a minority of brave souls who protested, but the overwhelming majority went along with the government’s dictatorial directions, like a bunch of sheep.

Many said that the State of Victoria was the worst, with Dictator Dan (Premier Daniel Andrews) issuing orders for night curfews, and the imprisonment of people in suburban areas (lock-downs of suburbs). Night curfews in Australia! Lock-downs of suburbs! People not allowed to leave their homes! It was like something out of an Orwellian dystopia, or from the dark days of Communist Russia. On an apparently unrelated note, it was also the Far Left extremist Dictator Dan who tried to embed Victoria with Communist China’s “Belt and Road Initiative”, whereby the Chinese Communists would get their hooks into Victoria’s infrastructure, causing who-knows-what problems for national security.

During the Covid troubles, the police issued fines to people sitting on benches in parks, having a walk on the beach, or being at a family gathering.

Police thugs attacked Australian citizens without cause; they assaulted old women, arrested pregnant women, and shot protestors with rubber bullets, even in the face (their rubber bullets caused horrendous injuries, soft tissue damage, and partial blindness).

The use of rubber bullets was not at all necessary. It was an example of institutional thuggery. Australians were shot with rubber bullets, not out of necessity, but because the police had some new toys, and wanted to try them out.

Whilst all of this went on, the vast majority of Australians cowered in their homes, like a bunch of cowards or bootlickers. It was not impressive.

The few brave souls who publicly opposed the State Oppression during the Covid Troubles should be given kudos for their work; this includes people whose politics we may otherwise disagree with. For example, Avi Yemini reported widely on Covid issues; he was assaulted by police, arrested by police, and was put on a police watch list, whereby the police would visit his home every night to make sure he wasn’t out and about breaking police orders or government curfews (Yemini is not one of us, and would be opposed to our stance on various issues, and visa versa, but that doesn’t change the fact that he did some good work during the Covid troubles).

The above-mentioned police tactics were real examples of authoritarianism in action. In any other circumstance, the Leftists would be out in the streets, protesting against “fascism”; but, instead they kowtowed to the government and followed the dictates of government officials and police. Maybe there were some Leftist exceptions to this, but they must have been few and far between.

August Landmesserg, man not saluting at Nazi event

August Landmesser, the man who didn’t salute at a Nazi event

There is a famous photo of a crowd in Nazi Germany, where everyone is giving the Roman Salute, except for one man, who is just standing there with his arms crossed, refusing to salute. Whenever this photo is dragged out, people make noises about how they would be that guy. Rubbish. When the time came, most people were not that guy; in fact, they weren’t even close. Instead, they followed the authoritarian mantra of “Toe the line and you’ll be fine”.

It has been said that people in politics shouldn’t insult the general population, for fear of losing support. Well, if you were one of the brave ones who opposed the neo-Communist lockdowns, then you are not being criticised here. If you were one of the sheep, who toed the government line, then this is your opportunity to step up and make a difference by joining or materially supporting a Nationalist movement (i.e. become a member, an activist, or a financial supporter); anyone who refuses to do any of those things is a coward and a waste of space. We don’t care too much about losing the support of those who refuse to act in some way; because, what would we be losing? However, if you are someone who is willing to step up and become a Nationalist, then we salute you.

So, on this day, remember the fallen heroes of the Eureka Stockade; but, if you aren’t going to fight back in some way against the current Establishment yourself, then you should realise that the Stockaders wouldn’t want a bar of you anyway. On the other hand, if you are ready to join the Australian Resistance in some way, then there is no better time than now.

Our nation needs heroes.

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