Happy New Year for 2024!

We would like to wish a “Happy New Year” to all of our members, supporters, and friends.

There is much to be done to save the future of our people. However, a new year brings forth the prospect of renewed hope for what can be done during the next twelve months.

To save a nation is no easy task, especially when the nation has been subverted by fifth columnists, people of our own ilk, who work against the interests of the people. Cultural Marxists and radical traitors of the Left, Civic Patriots and money-grubbers of the Right, along with cosmopolitans and multiculturalists of all stripes, have infiltrated all levels of our society and infested our country’s Establishment, and so we face a hard task ahead of us.

However, just because the fight is hard, does not mean that the fight cannot be won. It is up to us to awaken our people to the dangers that face our nation,and to create a cultural revolution that esteems and promotes the survival of our people.

A new year brings us new tasks, new challenges, and new resolve.

On a personal level, we wish everyone a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

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