Ban this sick movie

DVD rental outlets now have a movie available called “Seed” (directed by Uwe Boll). This movie has real-life footage of animals being skinned alive, stomping on a dog’s head until it is dead, a dog locked in a room without food until it starves to death, and other horrible scenes.

This footage has apparently been taken from an animal rights documentary about cruelty to animals – and then put into a horror movie for people’s “entertainment”. The Australian Protectionist Party believes that this movie should be banned as it promotes animal cruelty.

The APP believes that any entertainment – including movies, video games, etc. – which feature cruelty to animals should be banned, as we believe it promotes violence to those animals who have the least means to protect themselves.

Update: We have been advised that the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals organisation (PETA) is receiving a percentage of the profits from the movie “Seed”, as PETA footage of examples of animal cruelty are included in the film. The morality of PETA raising money this way is viewed as dubious.

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  1. Ban this film worldwide!!!

  2. Disgusted by the animal cruelty footage. Humans really are the worst creatures to walk this earth, I would like 5 minutes with those who treat animals with such horrendous cruelty, as for PETA making money, Shame on you!!!

  3. The movie is disgusting. It should be banned and “fined”. The animal cruelty shown and the fact that PETA makes money off of this is just disgusting.

  4. Steven Maisey says

    first off the animal cruelty is unnecessarily and believe those should be cut out or there be an animal cruelty free cut but when it comes to themes and fake gore in movies well it’s sick and disturbing but that’s the point no ones forcing you to watch. what happened to freedom of speech because at the end of the day movies don’t make people monsters just put a adults only rating on it problem solved. it’s wrong to downright ban a movie and have everyone miss out just because you find it offensive. wake up people censorship is bull shit and what’s wrong with the entertainment industry.

  5. Hugo Robbins says

    One things for sure though, this is the most horrific horror film ever made. Makes "Holloween" or "Rosmary's baby" look like a comedy. I would strongly act and be a part of any organization to get this film banned. It is disturbing to say the least. Its a shame that a good director can go this length in order to try and achieve greater success. I wish he put his skills to something better. BE VERY CAUTIOUS IF YOU ARE TO WATCH THIS FILM. THE MOST DISTURBING FILM EVER MADE. SHOULD BE BANNED GLOBALY. Cert 21.

  6. M Stevens says

    I am a soldier in the US military and have just completed 3 years service in Iraq. I have sen some horrifying things as one would in a war and have seen some terrible movies in my life. I am considered a very strong individual and could do things people only think about in there nightmares but this film "seed", is the worst film I have ever seen. I couldn't belive my reactions during parts of the film as the tortures and murders were so horrific. In some parts I had to actually close my eyes. It is without doubt, the most horrific horror movie based on true torture that I have ever seen. I would strongly recommend even the toughest of you out there to approach this film with extreme caution. Torture to animales that was real footage taken from an animals charity. I have never seen anything so disturbing in all my life. The lady in a chair 3 quaters through thr film who is slowly killed with a hammer and bashed violently in every part of the face is just unbelievable. Its truly horrific. A child being left to starve to death. Its upsetting. How can people make movies like this.

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