An introduction to the Australian Protectionist Party

The Australian Protectionist Party was created to defend Australia’s identity, heritage and freedom.

Australia has a growing grassroots social protectionist movement that aims to protect our nation in all its aspects; to protect our environment, families, freedoms, jobs, industries, rural communities, our way of life, and the survival of the Australian people. APP seeks to protect the interests of Australia and Australians.

We believe that

* Australia’s environment needs protecting, by developing ecological sustainability, such as reducing immigration until the completion of scientific research that will determine the “environmental footprint” of our population.

* Australian families need protecting with realistic solutions, such as “income splitting” for couples with children, that provide real benefits for families.

* Australia’s democracy needs protecting, by removing laws that inhibit freedom of speech on social and political issues and by establishing Citizens’ Initiated Referenda, whereby ordinary citizens can initiate referendums on laws and policies.

* Australia’s jobs and industries need protecting by enabling tariff protection against cheap foreign imports, establishing “buy Australian made, Australian owned” policies for state and federal governments, and instituting a national “buy back Australia” policy for companies, public assets, and resources – all to encourage the survival, rebuilding, and emergence of local manufacturing industries.

* Australia’s people need protecting by implementing a zero-net immigration policy (on a “one in, one out” basis), for immigration to be sourced primarily from traditional sources (such as Europe and Britain), and to enable a homogeneous society where we can all live in harmony, free from the ethnic and racial strife caused by social-engineering experiments like Multiculturalism.

* Australia’s rural communities need protecting by increasing rural sustainability, via a higher rate of decentralisation of government departments to regional centres and by implementing sensible trade structures that will stop cheap foreign imports from destroying the viability of Australian farms.

* Australia’s way of life needs protecting from the destructiveness of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness, by teaching our students about the achievements and values of Australian society and of Western Civilisation, by ending government funding for the political ideology of Multiculturalism, and by promoting the traditions of Australia’s national identity and culture within the community.

APP is committed to freedom of speech in Australian society and to the deep historical democratic traditions of the Australian nation. APP is a party for ordinary Australians seeking to defend the Australian way of life; we will not tolerate political extremism as it goes against our Australian ethos. All Australians who agree with our aims are urged to join to win back freedom for Australia.

The philosophy of social protectionism is all about protecting the basic pillars of society, whereas economic protectionism is purely about protecting a society’s economy, although social protectionism also incorporates a sensible and moderate level of protectionist measures for jobs and industries.

Protectionism recognises the reality that there is no such thing as a level playing field. The introduction of moderate and sensible tariffs to protect local manufacturers and farmers alleviates this discrepancy and helps local producers to compete on their home ground against goods produced by cheap or slave labour, by companies not bound by environmental protection legislation and other such criteria we in the West often take for granted. Protectionists are not interested in building a wall around our respective nations, but instead wish to trade on the world market whilst also ensuring that we have the same domestic economic advantages that many other nations have. We must ensure that Australian consumers are better informed to make choices, such as by requiring transparent labelling of products to reveal country of origin, foreign ownership and the percentage of foreign produce used in the production of a good. Protectionists also aim for a government which will increase research and development support to encourage value adding of Australian raw produce, rather than viewing our nation mainly as a supplier of cheap raw material, shipping it off to some tin pot dictatorship to be made into shoddy products using slave and child labour and then sold back to us at an exorbitant profit. What Australia needs is a fair go for our nation’s farmers, manufacturers and workers.

On many issues – such as immigration, multiculturalism, and protection of our nation’s industries – there is a huge gap between what our anti-national Establishment is advocating and what is in the best interests of the Australian People. The Australian Protectionist Party provides an alternative to the Establishment’s internationalist policies, and aims to protect Australia’s national interests.