Australia Day is under threat

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As per usual, Australia Day is under threat by assorted Woke Leftists, neo-Communists, and various other anti-Australians, all of whom want to wipe Australia Day from our calendar of national events.

The general aim of the anti-Australians is to denigrate, demonise, and destroy all vestiges of Australia’s British and European heritage, and they will use any excuse to do so.

This is why the anti-Australians want to destroy Australian Day. This is why the anti-Australians want to replace Australian place names with Aboriginal place names. This is why the anti-Australians want to promote Aborigines — not because the neo-Communists love the Aborigines, but because they hate white people (their hatred and bigotry against wealthy western white societies is off the charts; it is a hatred which is pathological in nature and destructive in reality).

The Aborigines are the unwitting pawns in the great struggle between the anti-Australians and the true blue Australians. The neo-Communists and their ilk care nothing for the Aborigines. Oh, they like to put on a big show of caring for them, but that’s all it is — a show. The actual intention of the anti-Australians is to wipe out the Aborigines, to destroy both the tribal peoples and the tribal cultures.

How do we know this? Well, it’s obvious to any thinking person. The anti-Australians want “open borders” — they want as many people from Third World countries to migrate to Australia as possible. They want this because they want to wipe out the traditional true blue Australians, because — to the Left — traditional Australians represent the “white patriarchy”, for whom the Left have a pathological and irrational hatred. But the Left’s plan to destroy all white nations will have devastating consequences for the Aborigines as well.

The total destruction of the Aborigines
The plan to overpopulate Australia will inevitably result in a widespread intermarriage rate for the Aborigines (the rate is already very high), eventually bringing about their racial destruction — and the destruction of their culture will be an inevitable consequence of the demise of the Aboriginal people.

Sure, somebody will manufacture boomerangs for tourists in a grimy suburban factory somewhere, a few money-grasping artists will churn out some dot paintings for the gullible to buy, and there will be some books and videos about the Aboriginal race that once existed, but that’s all that will remain; the actual people and culture will be gone, wiped out.

The Left have often talked about their desire for a worldwide mixed-race population, and the Aborigines are not exempt from that plan. The Left view their desire for “One World” as a great vision for “anti-racism” and a non-racial world, but what it actually is, is a plan of worldwide racial and cultural destruction — and the Aboriginal peoples and cultures will be destroyed as a result of this neo-Communist “great vision”.

The Great Replacement will destroy all unique peoples
The Great Replacement does not only apply to white people around the world — it also applies to all of the Aboriginal peoples as well. The Great Replacement is a neo-Communist ideal, based upon the immigration-driven demographic genocide of every unique people and culture upon the earth.

The intention of the anti-Australians to destroy Australia Day is part of a bigger plan — to destroy Australia as we know it.

You have several options: Bury your head in the sand like an ostrich and just ignore everything; roll over like a dog and wag your tail at your oppressors; or fight like blazes for the survival of your people and your culture. The choice is up to you.


  1. I agree with this article about Australia Day and the fact that Australia once a great thriving country has now become the dumping ground for the rest of the world.
    The prime minister did some back door deal with the Indian government to bring into this country another million Indian immigrants where we already have a housing crisis. There is not one suburb in Sydney that you can drive through and not be subject to the stench from what they cook and force everyone else to smell. That goes for every apartment block and almost every workplace and they are taking over our suburbs and our workplaces and our way of life and they are so arrogant in the way they go about it; they think they are so much better than us, and the government just keeps bringing them in – this has got to stop; they are like locusts, they destroy every country they go to and take over, and if anyone thinks that they are not doing it here they are blind to the truth.
    The Indian government supports Russia in the war with Ukraine and still our government is doing deals with them and nobody says anything about that contradiction by the government.These people don’t care about Australia, they will eventually destroy it; someone has to stop them coming here, they bring their family out for holidays and they never go back and nothing is ever done – I know, I see them everywhere, they’re like a plaque and it’s getting worse and worse.
    They are probably the most anti-Australian of all the immigrants and are taking over every suburb in Australia. I would like to see someone in politics bring this issue forward and make some changes before Albanese has more of them here. Destroying our country our customs and traditions.

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