A Voice for me, but not for thee

The Labor Party, the mainstream media, Aboriginal activists, and various radical Leftists have all been talking up the concept of putting an Aboriginal “Voice” into the Constitution, to become part of the parliamentary process. Because Leftist radicals are annoyed that they can’t get Aboriginal activists voted into Parliament by the usual means, they want to do it by dodgy means.

Most Australians have special interests that aren’t represented in Parliament. What about a “Voice” for bricklayers, plumbers, footballers, golfers, Baptists, Catholics, the disabled, the elderly, single parents, and train-spotters? Don’t worry about a “Voice” for lawyers, teachers, and union officials though, as those three occupations have massive over-representation in Parliament already.

If the Aborigines want a “Voice” in Parliament, then they can vote someone in to represent them, just like the rest of us have to. Maybe the Aborigines feel that they’re not being represented effectively? Well, join the club; that same problem applies to a lot of Australians. But Aboriginal activists want special privileges and special treatment because of the colour of their skin — yet if any white Australians asked for the same thing, they’d be loudly condemned as “racist” (by hypocritical Leftist activists, politicians, and the mainstream media).

The “Voice” is a race-based double-standard, and is just another way to enshrine “black privilege” into our legal system.

This is going to cost us millions of dollars, if not billions. We’ve already spent billions upon billions upon billions on the Aborigines; if we add the so-called “Voice” into the mix, it’s going to turn into an enormous sinkhole for taxpayer funding. It’s going to be yet another government bureaucracy, with fancy offices, shiny cars, and more staff than any ordinary taxpayer is ever going to get.

If you want more government bureaucracy, support the “Voice”.
If you think that the government hasn’t wasted enough of your money, support the “Voice”.
If you want to be taxed more, support the “Voice”.

However, all those with common-sense will already know that the “Voice” is just another bad idea which is being offered by a bad government.

The “Voice” is a dodgy deal. The Labor Party is dodgy, just like the Liberal Party; after all, how many promises have they broken over the years? Don’t support dodgy politicians, you’ll only encourage them.

The hypocrisy of Leftist politicians knows no bounds. They tell you not to judge people by their skin colour, and then they immediately do the opposite, giving extra favours to people with one skin colour, and denying them to others with a different skin colour. It’s not talked about much, but government bureaucracies have been giving special favours and extra money to Aborigines for decades. The “Voice” is just another way of giving more special favours.

For Aborigines, the “Voice” is just another case of “extra privileges for me, but not for thee”.

What about white Australians? Where is your extra voice in parliament? Will you get an extra say too? No, of course you won’t. Why not? Well, because you have the wrong skin colour.

If white Australians don’t want to be treated like Second Class citizens, then tough luck — because the Leftists and assorted Labor Party radicals hate you and wish you were gone (as do the cucks of the Liberal Party). Why do you think they’ve been bringing in millions of Third World immigrants since the 1970s? Did you think that the demographics of Australia were massively changing just by accident? Cultural Marxists hate the West, and hate white hegemony, and they think that the best way to get rid of both is to destroy all white populations by immigration-driven genocide. They’re biased against white communities; that’s why they treat whites like Second Class citizens.

The “Voice” is just another example of politicians giving special favours to “minority” racial groups. It is yet another example of the anti-white discrimination and anti-white hatred that has been embedded in Leftist-dominated politics.

Welcome to the New World. It’s one where you’re not wanted.


  1. Stan Claypole says

    Many may have now noticed the constant propaganda references to Aborigines as being “First Nations”. Nowhere on the continent did the Aborigines have anything even remotely close to an actual nation. AUSTRALIA was the first nation on the continent.

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