Be selfish, forget about having babies, says the Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herald has posted a link on Facebook, to promote an article of theirs, with the following caption:

“We live in a time where things have never been more expensive, and there’s never been more people. Why is having a baby still the default journey?”

This obviously implies that having children is too expensive, that there are too many people in the world, and that Australians should consider the option of not having children.

Why is the mainstream media pushing this message? If we all did what they wanted, the Australian nation would be dead and gone within three or four generations.

Of course, one can imagine some slimy and slick PR person from the Sydney Morning Herald saying “Oh, that was just an opinion piece. It doesn’t speak for us at all.” But is that really the case? Generally speaking, the Sydney Morning Herald doesn’t post opinion pieces from the Australian Protectionist Party or similar groups, and the reason for that is that the SMH disagrees with us. The Sydney Morning Herald likes to publish articles from people it agrees with. That publication may engage in some tokenism for alternate views, but overall the tone of the newspaper is clear about what it wants regarding immigration; they want more immigration, especially from the Third World.

Let’s face it, the mainstream media hate the true blue Australian people, and want to see us gone.

Someone might ask “But how are we going to survive as a country?” Well, don’t worry about that, the Sydney Morning Herald has its own plan for our country’s future, and a search of their site reveals what that is:

“It’s the policy that dare not speak its name. “Big Australia” … A bigger Australia ought to be something we celebrate and pursue”.
Big Australia? We could double the size of our cities and they’d still be small”, Sydney Morning Herald, 14 January 2023

“Into the future, migration will play a decisive role in how our nation continues to grow and age. Without it, we’ll be economically much worse off.”
My grandparents helped shape Australia. Migration will also be key to our future”, Sydney Morning Herald, 9 January 2023

“With Indian-Australians expected to overtake Brits as our dominant migrant group in the next five years, experts recommend understanding them beyond the prism of ‘curry, cricket and the Commonwealth’.”
Educated, ambitious, ever more powerful: How Indian migration is changing the nation”, Sydney Morning Herald, 13 August 2022

“Skilled migrants would be given default union membership as part of their employment conditions under a radical proposal from a key union movement figure that has the backing of a former senior Immigration Department official.”
Union head demands default membership for skilled migrants”, Sydney Morning Herald, 1 August 2022

“Australia is an immigration nation and our success hinges upon effective and efficient migration into our country.”
Labor has a difficult tightrope to walk in tackling migration”, Sydney Morning Herald, 20 June 2022

“Australia desperately needs more workers. There are calls from employers and industry for the government to address the shortage of skilled and semi-skilled workers in metropolitan and regional locations.”
Government must recognise overseas skills to combat worker shortage”, Sydney Morning Herald, 28 January 2022

“we need an immigration plan to help rebuild after the war on COVID. … Most importantly, we need the international students to come back. Not only are they important to the local economy they have become a much loved and vibrant part of the fabric of modern Melbourne. … I would also advocate for an uptick in our humanitarian program”.
Let’s open the borders to a welcome wave of new arrivals”, Sydney Morning Herald, 31 October 2021

“there’s a growing belief among those in the federal government that immigration is going to be the key to driving Australia’s economy forward. And they’re right.”
We need more immigration – Perrottet is right to seek a big Australia”, Sydney Morning Herald, 20 October 2021

“Chief executives of some of Australia’s biggest companies have thrown their support behind the nation’s immigration program, saying it is crucial for bringing in the skilled workers they need and underpins economic growth.”
‘Extremely important’: CEOs back immigration as cuts to intake loom”, Sydney Morning Herald, 13 March 2019

“The nation needs “well managed population growth” to help offset an ageing workforce, Business Council of Australia chief executive Jennifer Westacott says”
Australia needs ‘well managed population growth’, not cuts: business lobby”, Sydney Morning Herald, 21 November 2018

“That there are places worse than Australia suggests that Australia isn’t yet populated enough compared with the rest of the world. … We’ve a right not to choose this future – one where, with good planning, there’s a chance our cities will work. … But only up to a point. The rest of the world has granted us a licence to use this continent on the implicit understanding that we populate it.”
There’s a case for immigration, and it’s not about us”, Sydney Morning Herald, 14 March 2018

The message that the Sydney Morning Herald is pushing is obvious: “Australians should stop having babies; bring in more immigrants instead”.

For at least the last 50 years, the vast majority of the journalistic class in our country has proved itself over and over again to be the enemy of the Australian nation. It’s little wonder that so many people are turning to independent sources on the internet to get news and social commentary.

The mainstream media, the education system, and the major political parties are all infected with an anti-Australian frame of mind. Cultural Marxism, cultural pluralism, Multiculturalism, anti-traditionalism, and anti-Western hatred are the hallmarks of the anti-Australian political class. These political termites are gnawing away at the foundations of our great nation; they are our enemies.

We need to wake up our fellow Australians to the fact that the enemy has infiltrated the highest levels of society. It’s time to take our country back.

We live in a time where things have never been more expensive, and there’s never been more people. Why is having a baby still the default journey?”, Sydney Morning Herald (post on Facebook), 26 February 2023
I adore children but I’m happy to never have any of my own”, Sydney Morning Herald, 26 February 2023 (Toni Lodge)

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