Legal excuses for rape should be abolished

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An Indian man in Sydney, who attacked a woman with a meat cleaver, and raped her, has not been sent to jail. It has been claimed that he was suffering from mental delusions at the time, and supposedly thought that he was in a video game; so therefore it was ruled that he is not legally liable for his horrific actions. It was reported that “Khateebulla Mirza was cleared on mental health grounds”.

This is utterly ridiculous. Even if we assume that he’s not lying, so what if he was delusional at the time? Does that mean that the assault didn’t happen? Does that mean that the rape didn’t happen? No, of course not.

Anyone who attacks and rapes a woman should be locked up. If a mentally-ill attacker is treated and cured, then that’s all well and good, but he should still have to pay for what he has done — if he is a moral person, then he’ll know that he has to pay for attacking and raping someone. We also have to face the issue of people falsely claiming to be mentally impaired so as to avoid a criminal charge.

There are a lot of dodgy things that occur in the legal systems of Western societies in modern times, now that Multiculturalism and Political Correctness are the ideologies of so many Leftist-dominated governments, and where ethnic affiliations can override law and justice.

There was a case in the United Kingdom, where an Arab millionaire was alleged to have raped a woman. Ehsan Abdulaziz told the court that, when the 18-year-old female victim was sleeping on the couch at his place, he walked in, tripped, and his erect male member fell into her female private area (to use some decorous terminology). And that was accepted by the jury as a legitimate defence. In fact, the jury acquitted the accused Arab after only 30 minutes of discussing the matter. Are you kidding?! Something smells to high heaven here.

The trial was held in London, so you would have to wonder if the jury included people from that Arab’s particular ethnicity or religion, who gave him a “Get out of jail free” card out of sympathy for one of their own kind. As most people know, British whites now only make up just a little more than one-third of the population of London (white British constituted 36.8% of Londoners in 2021, with that percentage dropping steadily, due to the immigration-driven genocide of the British people).

Multiculturalism, Political Correctness, and Third World immigration are all having a detrimental affect upon Australia and various other Western societies, including in the legal sphere. All three of those elements need to be stopped, so that we can re-establish our society upon a decent cultural and moral foundation.

One of the legal black holes that should be fixed up is the ability for alleged criminals to claim that they were having a drug-induced episode, a mental breakdown, or were suffering from hallucinations, thereby avoiding jail. None of those excuses should be accepted as a reason for anyone to get off scot-free from paying for crimes such as assault, rape, and murder.

The legal system needs to be changed so that people truly pay for their crimes.

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