Daniel Andrews resigns (good riddance)

Daniel Andrews in his beloved China

Daniel Andrews, Premier of the neo-communist state of Victoria has resigned. It’s a case of good riddance to bad rubbish. What a shame that he didn’t leave the public teat a long time ago, as Victorians would have been much better off in his absence.

Commonly known as Dictator Dan, this man was possibly the worst Premier in the history of Australia. Under his regime, the freedoms of Victorians were severely curtailed. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of bodily autonomy — all of those things meant nothing to this lowlife scum, who would have been better suited to running a gulag in the cold climes of Stalinist Russia.

Elected in 2014, Premier Dan oversaw the devastation of the Victorian economy and the financial ruin of thousands of Victorians when he brought in extremist fear-mongering rules around the Covid scare. Instead of suggesting that only old people and medically at-risk citizens stay at home to avoid possible medical issues, this idiot closed down half the economy. Bankruptcies went up, suicides went up, and Daniel Andrew was feeling on top of the world. By the way, whilst Victorians were doing it hard, Dan and his politician colleagues all got a pay rise.

Some areas of Melbourne and its suburbs looked like ghost towns, with shops, restaurants, and facilities shut down. People were forced to wear masks, which are not very efficient at stopping the emission or inhalation of small particles, to give them the false hope that they were being protected against microscopic bugs. The efficacy of natural immunity was downplayed, and the government instead supported the widespread injecting of an experimental vaccine upon a largely unsuspecting populace. The only immunity that was important to the politicians was the legal immunity given to Big Pharma for their dodgy drugs — when the government gives immunity to a company for its products, you know that something’s not quite right. But, not to worry, the Victorian government declared that the Covid drugs were safe, and told us that there was no way that pregnant women could be adversely affected, even though there were no long-term studies to support such a claim.

Under Dan’s neo-communist Covid regulations, people were forced to “log-in” to enter shops, banks, etc., so that the government could keep track of their movements. Stalin and Hitler would have been proud of him — and perhaps even a little bit jealous, that this socialist scaremonger could trick Australians into giving up their freedoms so easily.

Workers were forced to have the experimental Covid vaccines injected into them, or be sacked from their jobs, leading to homelessness and starvation for them and their families. Some slimy politicians said it was a “choice”, as they coerced people to be injected against their better judgment, but you can’t expect much better from sleazy politicians.

According to the Herald Sun, Victoria had the longest Covid lockdown in the world (the next nearest was Buenos Aires, which was 22 days less). Also, 3000 residents in the public housing towers in Flemington and North Melbourne were locked down without warning. Weddings were banned, schools were shut down, people weren’t allowed to visit their dying relatives, and citizens were only “allowed” to exercise within 5 km. of their homes, and only for an hour. Amazing stuff.

In a move which was reminiscent of a totalitarian Third World regime, Dictator Dan instituted lock-downs of suburbs. The suburban lock-downs involved police road blocks and stopping people from travelling outside of their “designated areas” — Victoria had become a police state.

But perhaps the most amazing of all his attacks upon personal liberties were the night-time curfews that Dictator Dan put in place during the darkest days of his neo-communist regime’s response to Covid. These curfews were not necessary, but were put in place to make monitoring the population easier for the police — yes, that’s right, Dictator Dan took away the rights of Victorians to make life easier for a bunch of public servants; if that’s not a fine expression of neo-communist behaviour, then nothing else is.

Under Daniel Andrews, the Victorian police force became an organisation of harassers and thugs. People were bashed in the street for protesting, pregnant women were arrested, protest marches were brutally attacked by police (assaulting citizens who dared to exercise their democratic rights), and people’s rights were ignored. This was a neo-communist government at its finest.

The Andrews government also removed the legal right of citizens to protest outside or near abortion clinics, a clear attack on freedom of speech and freedom of expression. They also banned the public display of Nazi swastikas; which, even though we disagree with the Nazis, is a clear attack on freedom of speech and freedom of expression. They also banned gay conversion practices. All of those bans were on things widely regarded as “right-wing” — for some reason, Dictator Dan’s neo-communist Leftist government did not ban “left-wing” activities; for example, they could have banned the hammer and sickle, the symbol of communists, who are responsible for over 100 million deaths worldwide.

It is one of the wonders of the modern age that Victorians re-elected Daniel Andrews, because he devastated the Victorian economy and took away their rights — but, considering that the Victorian education system has been dominated by Leftist, Socialist, and Communist teachers for many decades, it isn’t surprising that Victorians have became one of the stupidest people in the world.

The devastation of economies is a great outcome for neo-communists, as it destroys businesses (financially ruining those nasty “capitalists”) and it makes workers more reliant on the government for handouts — which makes them support the neo-communists, so that they can get bigger and better hand-outs. Then the neo-communists can tell people that capitalism doesn’t work, and that they need to turn to socialism for the answers.

To try and claw its way out of the mess that its Covid policies created in Victoria, Dan’s neo-communist government placed further taxes upon business owners and land owners. Surprise, surprise. Of course, the only way that business owners and land owners can recoup the loss of that money is to raise prices and rents, which meant that the poor workers would blame those nasty “capitalists” all over again, when in actual fact the real fault lies with Dictator Dan and his cronies.

Dan also removed some payroll tax exemptions from private schools, which meant that the schools would have to increase student fees to recover the costs, making life harder for those lower middle class families which scrimped and saved to send their children to those schools with a perceived better education rate. Socialists and neo-communists hate private schools — this was simply another way that Dictator Dan could hit out at his much-hated “capitalists”. How dare those parents try to make life better for their children?

Never afraid to be a lowlife hypocrite, Andrews ignored his socialist principles in order to do a quick “cash grab” to prop up his financially failing government — he privatised the Port of Melbourne facility for 50 years, receiving over $9.7 billion in return. That’s what stupid governments do — as they can’t create wealth, they steal it with high taxes, or grab it by selling off (or leasing off) public assets which have been built up by previous generations, thereby damaging the financial future of their people (Soviet Russia also made huge deals with capitalist corporations, so Dan is in good socialist company).

Accusations of corruption emerged during Dan’s reign, making his government look very dodgy indeed.

According to the ABC, “Senior staff in Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’s government interfered and pressured public servants to ensure lucrative contracts were awarded to a key Labor Party ally without competitive tender”. The Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission criticized Dan, health ministers, and the public service for giving a contract to the Health Workers Union to do specialist training to deal with occupational violence. IBAC’s Operation Daintree report said that “The union was given privileged access and favourable treatment” and referred to “unethical conduct resulted in a contract that should not have been entered into with the union and an outcome which was not in the public interest”. No charges were laid.

Under Dan’s watch, the so-called “Red Shirts Scandal” occurred, with the Victorian Labor Party misusing $388,000 in parliamentary allowances to pay political campaign staff during the 2014 election. Dan’s police investigated, but no charges were laid. How about that?

As his crowning achievement, the Far Left extremist Daniel Andrews made a secretive “Belt and Road” deal with Communist China, which entailed an enormous involvement with Victoria’s infrastructure, until the federal government (Liberal Party) stepped in to stop it. The risk to Australia’s national security didn’t bother Dan; he considered the Communist Chinese his friends, which is hardly surprising. All up, Andrews went on seven trips to Communist China to see his Communist friends (the total of his overseas travelling cost taxpayers $885,000).

Australian media was banned from a Chinese event in Melbourne which Premier Andrews spoke at — an event which, according to Sky News, was “sponsored by a front group for the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of State Security” (it is relevant to note that Chinese media were allowed in). Dodgy Dan refused to release a transcript of his speech at the event; only after the media attacked him over the issue did his office release an audio recording of his speech. Under parliamentary privilege, Senator Paterson (Liberal Party) said that one of the sponsors for the event was the China Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy, described as a “front group” for China’s Ministry of State Security (China’s main foreign intelligence agency). Why did Premier Dan try to hide his speech? Previously, when Daniel Andrews went on a trip to China, journalists were banned from going with him. It’s almost as if Dodgy Dan can’t be trusted.

Some people have called Daniel Andrews a “lowlife piece of sh*t”, which is terrible, as that is an insult to excrement everywhere. If there was any justice in this world, Daniel Andrews would have got cancer and died a long time ago, but the Devil looks after his own.

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