The Voice: The Elitists vs. the People

The anti-Australian Cosmopolitans are full of hatred towards true-blue Australians. Various articles show their horrible, nasty, and snooty nature. For example, see some of the rantings by Crispin Hull (a former editor of The Canberra Times) against the No voters.

It appears that this guy thinks that he is one of the “educated elite”, who despise the average hard-working Australians, who — to people like Crispin Hull — are just a mob of dumb, unwashed racist idiots.

Some of these Yes elitists seem to be so bigoted, that they can’t even imagine that there were some good reasons for voting no. For example:
A Voice for me, but not for thee
The truth behind the “Voice”
A hundred Lidia Thorpes

Looking down his nose at us from his ivory tower, Crispin Hull says:

“The closer to the centre of a capital city and the higher the education and income, the higher the “yes” vote.

… The success of the “don’t know, vote no” slogan reveals lazy apathy and sheep-like behaviour.

… There was a shocking gullibility in the electorate. Indeed, computer scammers say Australia is a great place for them. The gullibility made voters easy game for two sorts of “no” campaigners: those who saw an opportunity for self-promotion and self-aggrandisement and those who saw an opportunity to make some cheap political points against Labor. All it took was a few lies and a bit of misinformation and much of the lesser-educated electorate swallowed it unquestionably.

… And having swallowed it early because the “no” campaign got away early, they fell for group-think conformity after it became “acceptable” to say “no” and to be fearful and timid at the suggestion of any change.

… we have a new divide — not Liberal v Labor or left v right — but a few very rich people swaying gullible lower-income and less-educated people in regional and rural Australia, on one hand, and better-educated higher-income urban people on the other.”

Every paragraph written by Crispin (as quoted above) drips with contempt and disdain, and perhaps even hatred.

The Antis like to portray patriots as dumb, or imply the same, by saying that most university-educated people vote with the Antis — but what they don’t realise is that they are revealing the fact that university-educated people have been brainwashed by years of Cultural Marxist, Leftist, and Communist indoctrination. Crispin Hull is no exception.

The ravings of the emotionally-hurt Yes elitists, spitting out their hatred of working-class Australians, is reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s diatribe against working-class Americans, calling them “deplorables”. What an elitist horror she is. The Australian elitists are no better than Clinton.

However, it’s great when these elitists go on a rant, because they reveal their true nature — apparently they feel nothing but contempt for true-blue Australians. There’s little doubt that they can’t wait for the true-blues to be wiped out by the Great Replacement.

The university-brainwashed Anti-Australians despise us and want us gone — so it’s up to us to fight for the future of our people.

Crispin Hull, “Australia’s virtues exposed as self-delusional claptrap”, Canberra Times, 17 October 2023 [also available at:]

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