A hundred Lidia Thorpes

Don’t support “The Voice” for Australia’s parliament. In fact, don’t call it “The Voice” at all, as that is the propaganda term to make this idiotic plan sound nice and benign. Let’s call it what it is: “The Radical Leftist Aboriginal Stronghold in Parliament” – because that’s what we would get if this daft proposal was ever approved.

There is a good reason why Leftist Extremists are supporting the Aboriginal Stronghold plan – because they know that most of the Aboriginal representatives will be Leftists. Sure, the Radical Leftists want to push an Aboriginal agenda (because Radical Leftists hate white people), but there is no way they would support a Aboriginal Stronghold in parliament if most Aborigines were conservative; they’re only supporting the Aboriginal Stronghold because they know that it would be overwhelmingly Leftist.

Can you imagine having a hundred Lidia Thorpes in parliament?

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