Anzac Day 2023

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Anzac Day is a time for remembering all of those who fought and died on our behalf during times of armed conflict and war. Tens of thousands of men, as well as many women, have died whilst serving in the Australian armed forces. Their sacrifice should be honoured by all true Australians.

The men who went off to battle in World War One and World War Two did not fight for the normalisation of, and the government funding of, transgenderism and homosexuality; nor did they fight for Australia’s culture to be undermined and replaced by Multiculturalism and cultural pluralism; nor did they fight for Australia to be Asianised, or for it to become a Third World Country.

Australia’s heroes fought for the survival of their people, culture, and way of life. The fact that the Liberal-Labor parties and the Traitor Establishment are committing immigration-driven demographic genocide against our people would have been an anathema to them.

Make no mistake about it, the traitors who push for the anti-Western Globo-homo agenda are spitting in the face of our Anzac heroes.

Anyone who supports the Traitor Agenda, and then turns around and says that they honour and respect the Anzacs, is a liar and a fraud.

It is a shame that our wartime heroes of Anzac Cove aren’t alive today, because they would have sorted everything out quick smart.

But here we are, over one hundred years later, with a large part of the population having been brainwashed by the Leftist-run schools, universities, and mainstream media into becoming the automatons of the Lunatic Left’s anti-Australian agenda.

Our Anzacs would truly be horrified to see the state that Australia is in today.

The best way that we can honour their memory is to win our country back, to once again make it a nation fit for heroes.

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