Albanese and the definition of “woman”

The Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese (Labor Party) should be congratulated for his response, in a recent interview, when he was asked to define a woman.

Piers Morgan, conducting the interview, asked “What is a woman?”, to which Albanese replied “An adult female.”

That is the correct answer, and the one which should be obvious to any clear-headed person. Of course, it is ridiculous that we should even have to contemplate congratulating a public figure for correctly answering such as basic question, but the madness of the times makes it appropriate. Maybe soon we will be publicly congratulating public figures on admitting that “one plus one equals two”.

The previous Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison (Liberal Party), should also receive congratulations for his answer to the same question last year, when he said a woman was “a member of the female sex” (although he apparently forgot to add in the word “adult”). When Dom Perrottet (Liberal Party), then NSW Premier, was asked the same, he answered “It’s a female adult human being.”

It’s not a hard question to answer, in normal times; but the times we live in are far from normal, as the people who control much of the public narrative are often far from normal (and not in a good way).

The lunatic Left has decided, in its collective unwisdom, to support the cause of transgenderism, and to maintain the “party line” that “a woman is anyone who identifies as a woman”. Of course, this is madness; identifying as a woman does not make one a woman; similarly, identifying as an ape does not make one an ape.

The pro-trans brigade are even teaching young children in schools that males who identify as females are actually females, and should be treated as such, with their all-important pronouns of she/her or they/them. One can only hope that one day the children will wake up to the fact that this is all nonsense, and that “the emperor has no clothes” (if they even teach that children’s story any more).

The underlying purpose of the loony Left seems to be to try to rip apart traditional society with as much nonsense as they can muster. They do this under the guise of “compassion” and “tolerance”, but we know that they are neither of those things; whenever someone opposes their agenda, they go all-out to try to destroy such people, especially if the targets are on their side of politics.

Taking up the cause of minorities seems to be a standard tactic of the Far Left. Presumably this gains them a few recruits from the ranks of the “poor oppressed minorities”, but more likely it gains recruits from naive and impressionable middle and upper class white school children, who see the Far Left as “concerned and caring”, rather than what they are: conniving and manipulative sociopaths who seek the downfall of Western Civilisation.

The Communists of the 20th century sought to conquer the nations of the West, but were unable to do so. The Cultural Marxists realised that the West could not be conquered by force, so they decided to destabilise the West by stealth. The neo-communists of the 21st century want to destroy our society by using any means possible, and the pushing of the transgenderism cause is just another armament in their armoury.

We should recognise that the issue of transgenderism is only a part of a bigger agenda. The neo-communists want to destroy Western Civilisation, and it is up to us to stop them and their evil agenda. The future of our people lies in our hands.

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