Adam Goodes has invited booing upon himself


Sydney Swans’ Aboriginal football star Adam Goodes has found himself in the news again, following a match in Perth where he was heavily booed by West Coast Eagles fans. Seemingly upset with the open disapproval of Goodes, his Sydney Swans Aboriginal ...
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Women in combat roles? What do the politicians want, 50% females in the armed forces?


Are they mad? Political Correctness is now even running rampant in our defence forces. A recent report in the News Ltd. papers stated that of the 3,100 women currently serving in various roles in the Australian Army, only 2 had taken up the highly ...
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Australia Day Council, still in the firm grip of Cultural Marxism, rewards Adam Goodes

Cultural Marxism

Australia may have a new “conservative” government, but if ever there was a reminder of how numerous Australian institutions remain in the hands of activist social progressives, it would be the National Australia Day Council’s choice for the 2014 ...
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Oops! – AFL witch hunt for “racists” burns innocent little girl

witch hunt

Australian Rules football is a physically demanding, passionate, emotional and quite violent team sport where virile young men test themselves against each other. In this environment, in the heat of battle, with rivalries flaring, it’s inevitable ...
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Christmas and culture in the West under threat


The Australian Protectionist Party would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Christmas is a time for Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, as well as for everyone to spend quality time with family ...
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Refugee Review Interference Against National Interest


The National Chairman of the Australian Protectionist Party today expressed concern at clear conflicts of interest and a climate of intimidation operating in the Refugee Review Tribunal. “Media reports of Tribunal members coming forward confirming ...
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Victorian police deem Christianity to be offensive


According to a report from the ABC an Easter Crucifix re-enactment was shut down by the Victorian police even though there were apparently no complaints.  Instead officers invoked the 'reasonable man' clause which permits police to shutdown an event ...
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Fort Hood: When Political Correctness Kills


In the past, this writer has repeatedly handled themes related to political correctness. This was done to depict it as an idiocy that survives because so many of us are too foolish or cowardly to defy it. No wonder, the unmasked doubters of PC are ...
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