A tale of two toilets (the madness of Political Correctness continues)

In the news of late has been the tale of the toilets of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Someone in the PM’s department ordered the placement of new signage on toilets doors, declaring that “PM&C is committed to staff inclusion and diversity: Please use the bathroom that best fits your gender identity”.

Now, whilst the issue of “gender neutral toilets” isn’t exactly high on the agenda of earth-shaking events, it is indicative of some wider issues.

As L. D. Brady has said:

“While a kerfuffle over a dunny sign might seem trivial enough, and just another ‘Canberra’ joke, in its own way it is emblematic of the wider culture war. No matter what the Australian population actually want, cadres of unelected public servants are determined to impose their elite, ‘progressive’ vision on all of us.”

In bureaucracies across the whole of the Western world, both in governments and companies, there are assorted Leftists who are busy pushing Political Correctness upon the general populace.

Human Resources departments are notorious for being full of Leftists who dictate policies to the rest of the workplace. Originally HR departments were brought in to help organisations run more efficiently; they were created to assist the those working “at the coalface” to get things done — however, the situation eventually turned on its head, with the end result being that, instead of HR working for the needs of the workers, the workers ended up working at the dictates of HR. As these departments are usually structurally connected closely with the administration of an organisation, they can gain power quite quickly. The current state of affairs could be likened to a twist on the old 80/20 rule — HR departments used to be 80% useful and 20% annoying, but now they’re 80% annoying and 20% useful.

Across the board, Human Resources departments are widely known for being staffed with Left-leaning types who push Political Correctness. They are the faceless bureaucrats who lay down petty policies and put up stupid signs. This appears to be the case with the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

What we really need to know is — who exactly is responsible for the decision to put up those “gender bender” signs in the PM’s department? Who were the faceless bureaucrats who decided to implement policies off their own bat?

Documents obtained by The Sydney Morning Herald, using the Freedom of Information legislation, were heavily censored, making it almost impossible to find out who was responsible for this case of Political Correctness by HR fiat. The likelihood is that some faceless bureaucrat, or bureaucrats, in the relevant Human Resources department was responsible for this little bit of “laying down the law” by Leftist drones — and do we really need to guess which section in the organisation was responsible for redacting the documents? Odds on, it was HR. The whole thing smells like a cover-up.

The implementation of Political Correctness in society is like a death by a thousand cuts — it occurs not in one fell swoop, but in the implementation of a thousand bureaucratic directives issued by Leftist white ants. It’s high time we rooted out those nasty little termites from the foundations of our institutions.

Political Correctness is just another aspect of Cultural Marxism — the promoters of both of these movements come from the same side of the political fence. Our society is being destroyed by these loony Leftists and their appeasers. Just as the faceless PC bureaucrats are destroying our nation one bit at a time, we need to root them out from where they’ve burrowed themselves, one termite at a time.

It’s time we ended Political Correctness and return our civilisation to common sense standards.

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Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Australian Government


  1. Nope there are two sexes. Males with penises or females with vaginas. Everything else is a construct and not actually real.

  2. At last count there were more than fifty different gender identities a person could have. So when are the progressives in Canberra going to install the other 48 or so dunnies in parliament? It will be a blatant act of discrimination if they don’t.

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