Australia Day Council, still in the firm grip of Cultural Marxism, rewards Adam Goodes

Australia may have a new “conservative” government, but if ever there was a reminder of how numerous Australian institutions remain in the hands of activist social progressives, it would be the National Australia Day Council’s choice for the 2014 Australian of the Year – footballer Adam Goodes.

Leftists have long understood the importance of capturing society’s institutions. The Italian Marxist philosopher Antonio Gramsci wrote extensively about this in the early 20th century. And unfortunately, in modern politically correct Australia, there is a deep Cultural Marxist influence in many of our institutions.

One such body is the National Australia Day Council, which chooses the “Australian of the Year”. The NADC has a long history of Leftist influence and bias, as is obvious from its many choices over the years as to who receives the honour and prestige of being named “Australian of the Year”.

The NADC also has long demonstrated preference for rewarding high-profile celebrities and sportspeople. (The current NADC chairman is none other than former cricketer Adam Gilchrist). Some people think that other occupations and achievements may be a little more worthy of recognition.

Adam Goodes certainly isn’t the first Aboriginal person to be named “Australian of the Year” – and he undoubtedly won’t be the last. But in choosing Goodes, the National Australia Day Council has once again made an extremely controversial and extremely political choice. Like many times in the past, they have actively taken sides in the “Culture War”, and chosen a recipient who reflects their own progressive values and biases. (By contrast, don’t expect them to reward a Professor David Flint or a Cory Bernardi MP for having written a pretty good book recently).

Goodes has worked with underpriviliged Aboriginal youth, and has been very prominent and publicly outspoken in his views against “racism”. He became an ambassador for a government campaign called “Racism – It Stops With Me”. (He couldn’t possibly have a vested interest in a politically correct mindset that puts aboriginals on a pedestal, could he?) Goodes has also been reported to be quite interested in a political career when he retires from football.

No one could dispute Adam Goodes’ credentials as a footballer. Having played more than 300 AFL games, and with two Brownlow Medals, two AFL premierships, multiple “All Australian” and club “best and fairest” honours, Goodes is one of the greatest champions Australian Rules football has produced.

But by Goodes’ very lofty standards, he had a disappointing 2013 season. Injury struck, and he only managed to play 12 games. He missed the preliminary final that saw his Sydney Swans bundled out by the Fremantle Dockers.

But he certainly managed to make the headlines when he dobbed in a 13 year old girl to MCG security for having called him an “ape”. The Australian Protectionist Party has dealt thoroughly with this saga in a previous article.

By contrast, Goodes had a memorable 2012 season, bravely playing on in the grand final when injured, to achieve the glory of another premiership with the Sydney Swans.

So it would seem that the Australia Day Council isn’t rewarding Goodes for his 2013 football season, but is seeking to reward him instead for having “taken a stand against racism”.

Goodes accepted both a written and a verbal apology from the young girl for her (unintentionally) “being racist”, but he is not known to have apologised to the little girl and her family for the torment he put them through.

Instead, on being awarded the title of “Australian of the Year”, Goodes vowed to continue the “fight against racism”, and also to push for a special constitutional mention for Aboriginals (because, apparently, they would be the only ethno-cultural group in Australia worthy of a special mention.)

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  1. Social Marxism is constantly restricting liberties and freedom of speech. For me a 17 year old white male I get told constantly by leftist’s to “check my white privileges”. The incident with Adam goodes is a perfect example where a grown “black” man bullies a 13 year old girl. Nothing was said to the man that humiliated a 13 year old girll because we must “be tolerant” if a hairy white man heard that he would ignore it, im sure he has heard much worse insults then ape.

  2. Adam Goodes is going to ‘take a stand against racism’? Whose racism,all racism or just white racism?
    Bear in mind that most Aboriginals alive today also have white ancestry,so it’s fair to state that if Europeans never arrived,these light Aboriginals would not have been born.
    I totally agree it would be great to see an indigenous PM,or GG or in any other role as they have as much right as anyone else to lead full,productive lives. They should be careful what they wish for however. If the Europeans were not here,they’d be under Indonesian or Chinese rule…….and we all know how tolerant they are……

  3. Have we had any Australians of the year who were not appointed for political reasons? They always appoint the people who they think will push their agendas. Climate Change/ Anti-whiteism/ anti-Australianism Pro Multiculturalism Pro Open boarders Pro Climate taxes.

  4. Trina Lord says

    I totally disagree with you and I think Corey Bernardi would have to do more than write a book to get the award.

  5. Stephen Lake says

    I meant to also say that I also agree with protectionism for Australian industry. We see day after day Australian companies closing down because of their expose to unfair competition encourages by both labour and liberal with their fair trade policies. I find it incredibly hypocritcal that both parties rush to throw money at companies that are closing to try and save them when they are the very people that have created the trading framework to send the broke. I predict the next two companies we will lose is SPC Ardmona and Qantas. Focussing for a second on the airline industry, Qantas was privatised some years ago. So we had Qantas and Ansett as the two airlines. However, cheap fares came in and Ansett closed down. Then along with various other airlines Virgin came in. They all closed except Virgin. When we look at the history of Virgin in Australia we find they have consistently run at a loss but because of their foreign backing they are able to do so until they force Qantas to go broke. Now, correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t that fall under the definition of dumping which is a company trading below cost, in particular to force other companies out of business, to then gain a monopoly? Surely, Virgin airlines should be charged under anti-dumping laws? The day we lose Qantas, the most iconic of all Australian companies, we have truly sold our soul.

  6. Stephen Lake says

    I agree with most of your views but I must say I reject this one. Adam Goodes is an outstanding individual, human being and athlete. I also disagree with your views on the incident with the young girl. If you had suffered years of insults I’m sure you would have responded the same to being called an animal. But we will have to differ on this one. In the end he is a good man with good intentions. As I say I agree with your views in most cases, but I also have the pleasure of working occasionally in an indigenous community and have always been amazed at how respectfully they treat me and how they strive to overcome barriers that we would never imagine. I think we have to protect our borders and reduce immigration significantly but I also think we have to work together with indigenous Australians to build a stronger Australia. I believe that the day we have some indigenous parliamentarians and dare I say it an indigenous prime minister we will be able to truly feel that Australia has truly reached it’s pinnacle.

    • So has the US reached its pinnacle?

      I think it has although it is not because of Obama but when a White majority nation elects a leader of a different race it is a sign that the civilization has reached a turning point. This also happened in Ancient Egypt, Greece, Persia, Rome and every other white civilization and as we know from history it was all down hill from there.

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