Adam Goodes has invited booing upon himself

Sydney Swans’ Aboriginal football star Adam Goodes has found himself in the news again, following a match in Perth where he was heavily booed by West Coast Eagles fans. Seemingly upset with the open disapproval of Goodes, his Sydney Swans Aboriginal teammate Lewis Jetta, on scoring a goal for the Swans, performed a mock spear-throwing gesture at the crowd, in an apparent display of solidarity with Goodes.

It’s speculated that Eagles fans were incensed after Goodes scored a goal for Sydney earlier in the match, where he appeared to have infringed upon an Eagles’ defender — but the goal stood. The perception of umpires favouring Goodes likely increased the boos.

But Adam Goodes has been booed by opposition fans all season, as he was last season. And the issue is a sensitive one for some people, as it is for the ultra-PC Australian Football League (AFL), who don’t appreciate their highly esteemed Aboriginal poster boy being disapproved of.

The AFL’s blatant favourtism toward Aborigines and openly Abophilic politics is very obvious for all to see. Once a year they heavily promote an “Indigenous Round”, which features the “Dreamtime Game” at the MCG between Richmond and Essendon. Before this match begins, the mostly non-Aboriginal players in both clubs are forced to line up and “pay tribute” to the achievements of Aborigines in football, whilst didgeridoo music plays in the background.

This last season, the giant symbol of the “Recognise” campaign was painted on to the playing surfaces of each football ground during “Indigenous Round”. Hence the AFL has, in probably an unprecedented way for a major sporting organisation, become highly political, and seems determined to promote and preach political agendas to the public.

Glorifying, favouring and promoting racial pride in Aborigines in this way, specifically and exclusively, is highly inappropriate, and reflects an indulgence of socially progressive moral vanity from those who, in their delusion, believe that being extremely favourable toward Aborigines somehow makes them morally superior.

The fact is, a great many football fans already DO appreciate the skills and footballing abilities of Aboriginal players WITHOUT there needing to be a specific “Indigenous Round”, heavily promoted by the AFL, and effectively rammed down the public’s throats.

“Indigenous Round” 2013 proved to be highly controversial for Goodes. Following a match between Collingwood and Sydney at the MCG, Goodes “dobbed in” a thirteen-year-old to MCG security after she apparently yelled over the fence that he was an “ape”. This incident has already been substantially covered by the APP in a previous article”. The next day in a press conference, Goodes referred to the young girl as “the face of racism”. The incident caused considerable stress to the girl and her family, but as yet Goodes has never apologised to them.

The dobbing incident disappointed many fans, who felt that Goodes was a “sook” and that his dobbing behaviour was way over-the-top. Yet this did not stop him going on to win a highly controversial “Australian Of The Year” award, which many Australians saw as highly politically-biased, and did not agree with. Goodes accepted the award on Australia Day, but it should be noted that he once called Australia Day “Invasion Day”.

Further to this, Goodes continued his political activism by becoming a high-profile promoter of the “Recognise” campaign, that pushes to have Aborigines specifically and exclusively mentioned in the Australian constitution. Of course, many Australians do not agree with this agenda, and perceive it as racist in favour of Aborigines. He also publicly endorsed “Utopia”, a highly biased documentary on Aborigines by Leftist filmmaker and propagandist John Pilger, which very much reasserted the Aboriginal-victim, white-oppressor mentality, so championed by anti-white social progressives.

Goodes also became a high-profile ambassador for a government-endorsed, taxpayer-funded campaign called “Racism — It Stops With Me”. The image of Goodes on people’s TV screens, preaching to people in advertisements, about the apparent wrongs of “racism”, left a bad taste in many people’s mouths. Many thought he was a hypocrite. His rank Abophilia was pretty obvious to many. Others well-remembered how he had knowingly “dobbed in” a minor to MCG security. Rather than being perceived as a noble warrior fighting a noble cause, many now thought him a self-indulgent bully.

And earlier this season, during the AFL’s 2015 “Indigenous Round” when the Sydney Swans were hosting Carlton at the SCG, Goodes drew further ire from many football fans, when after kicking a goal, he “celebrated” with a seemingly well-practised Aboriginal “war dance”, that involved the mock throwing of a spear at a group of Carlton fans. The action prompted respected veteran TV commentator Dennis Cometti to disapprovingly remark that Goodes’s celebration “won’t stop the booing though, will it?”.

Whilst it would not be good to stifle freedom of speech or expression at the football, the incident was disapproved of by many fans, who felt that it was a self-indulgent, inappropriate, and aggressive gesture toward opposition fans, not fitting with the supposed AFL ethos of displaying respect between players and fans. When AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan, along with a number of football writers and commentators defended Goodes’ actions, it was perceived by many fans as blatant favourtism toward Goodes, and reasserting the notion that there would be “one rule for the Aborigines and another for everybody else”.

Clearly, Goodes has done a great deal to draw attention to himself in the last few years, but it seems to have backfired. And this seems very upsetting to the legion of politically correct media commentators and public figures demanding that the booing of Goodes stop, and that the AFL “do something”.

As Adam Goodes, with the full blessing of the AFL, has made himself a highly political and provocative public figure, of course he is going to be disapproved of by a great many people. Him being booed by opposition fans is simply a reflection of this disapproval. For the AFL and AFL commentators to whinge about it reflects a mentality that some people want to have their cake and eat it too.

Now, with Goodes seemingly fast approaching the end of his career, one may wonder what his legacy will be. One of Australian football’s greatest ever champions may well be remembered for all the wrong reasons. And this reflects a simple reality. Aborigines should NOT be made a political football of — not constitutionally, nor in the football arena.

And if the people who run the AFL had any common sense, they’d get rid of “Indigenous Round”, which is perhaps the root of their public relations problems.

If a highly political sporting body like the AFL is going to preach and impose ultra-progressive social values on its supporter base, and be perceived to be favouring Aboriginal players, perhaps they shouldn’t whinge when there’s a backlash.

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  1. Adam who?. Just another populist media beat up. In a couple of months or whatever no one will remember another petulent sports “Icon”.
    Put him in the same basket as infantile tennis stars.

  2. When you forever tell people who aren’t racist, that they are racist, then you risk making them racist as people get sick of you and your cause.
    Most Aboriginals need to know the Anthony Mundines and Adam Goodes of the world are doing them no favours, and are cause for embarrassment.
    I work with a couple of Aboriginal people and they are hard working people who contribute and have some self respect. They don’t need these two stirrers turning white people against them and setting race relations back 50 years.
    Native Australians need to know that most Australians want to see them have jobs, good homes, good health and the ability to contribute. On the other hand the Left wants them to enjoy endless handouts of money, grog and goodness knows what else.
    Goodes, Mundine and the Left are no friend of the Aboriginals.

  3. Sadly, Australia seems to encourage the Indigenous Superiority while pretending to be a fair country. Just because something bad happened to some people 200 or 100 years ago, all people today who had absolutely nothing to do with that “bad”, have to bear the shit. There are some very decent Aboriginal people who live their life, work hard and raise their kids as valuable members of the modern civilization. But they too have to suffer from the untoward majority of their race.

    Look at any place where the percentage or indigenous population is high: high crime rates, assaults, domestic violence, disease, alcohol abuse, rubbish all over the streets… Why so? If the land is so “sacred”, why litter then? Or do they declare their “strong connection with this land” only when it means higher Centrelink payments?

    There are also many “whites” that go out of their way to connive at the Indigenous Grievance Industry. Instead of treating everyone as equal and encourage everyone to be an equal member of the society, they invent the false facts search excuses for excuses of the bad behaviour.

    For example, there is an article on “Australian Indigenous tools and technology” that claims woomera to be “the fastest weapons in the world before the invention of the self-loading rifle”. Politics aside, this claim is not true. Various experimental archaeologists and athletes have measured spear thrower dart speeds, with 150fps (50 meters per second) at the high end of their measurements. This is a long way below the muzzle velocity even of black powder muskets (predating 19th century rifles by several centuries), which fired bullets at between 400 and 1200fps. The first “self-loading rifle”, the Mannlicher M1885, had a muzzle velocity of 1400 fps, 10 times the speed of the spear thrower darts. Also, there is really no difference in form or function between the woomera and the spear throwers or atlatls of other cultures, so I don’t see how any claim like “fastest”, “most powerful” etc can be made of this weapon vs the others. Trying to celebrate Australian Aboriginal history is good, but it shouldn’t be done via exaggeration or distortion of facts.

    Like most of the black on white violence, the perpetrators are half-castes or part Aboriginals. They are as much European as Aboriginal but prefer to identify with the Aboriginal grievance industry. They are not residents of outback camps. They are urban Eurabs (European-Aboriginals). They live in the suburbs along with the whites but seem to have a deep resentment of the white side of their background.

    The worst part about all of this is how horribly racist some Aboriginals now are toward white and other people, and how it is apparently acceptable. Many people are regularly verbally abused by Aboriginals because we are white. They say our ancestors persecuted their people. It doesn’t matter to Aboriginal abusers that most today’s Australian white people (or their ancestors) weren’t in Australia at that time. They had nothing to do with it. All we (and our parents) do is paying taxes that are spent on their Centrelink handouts. The abusive Abos retort by calling bypasses on the streets “fucking racist white cunt” or something along those lines. In most cases, none of us, nor our ancestors, had anything whatsoever to do with the persecution of Aboriginals, but it is assumed they did because of the colour of our skin. That is textbook racism.

  4. A war dance ha! twirlin the wrists around and a girlie throw of a non existant spear. I’m shivering in my boots. All that’s missing is beating his fists on his chest – oh! that’s what apes do.
    Ah! well – if he wants war he sure is gonna get one

  5. David Sedunary says

    Goodes bullied that young girl who was 12 years of age, pointing her out to Security, who conducted an interview with her, without her parents. She only called him an Ape. Apes are beautiful creatures, big strong, and gentle until there are aggravated. There is only one way to treat a Bully such as Goodes give it back to him, and he has been getting, and can’t take it.
    The biggest joke of all was awarding him Australian of the Year, again suck holing by the Do Gooder majority and trying to close the gap. The title should have been stripped off him, for the comments he made calling Australia Day calling it “Invasion Day”.

    If it wasn’t for the us Whites, officiating Aussie Rules, encouraging all to play, coaching , administrating and running the game, and not left to Aboriginals Goodes would not of been playing the game.
    The gap which Aboriginals and White Do Gooders want closed will never be closed, when Aboriginals, get pampered, and given more rights than us Whites.
    It will only get worse not better.

  6. Stan Claypole says

    So far we’ve had powerful football figures, politicians, state premiers, Human Rights & Race Commissioners, a legion of PC Leftie journos & footy commentators, & now even a billionaire James Packer condemn the booing of Goodes! It’s been suggested the Goodes divide is more about class than race. The elitist PC chattering classes just love to sneer down their noses at the proles. But the proles have decided they don’t like Adam Goodes, don’t like being preached to, and they’re rebelling! In reality, Goodes gets booed for many reasons. He’s perceived by many as a dirty player who takes cheap shots. He often “stages” for free kicks. He’s been perceived as being favoured by umpires, the AFL tribunal & the Match Review Panel. Apparently, there was quite a contingent of Aboriginal fans at the footy the day in Perth in question. They were strongly supporting the Eagles & were booing Goodes also. They’re racist too?

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