Perth child and mother horrendously bullied by PC zealots over Naitanui “blackface” controversy

It’s said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And when a young Perth boy was recently made up with a dreadlocked wig and body paint to look like his sporting idol, the black Melanesian Fijian-born football star Nic Naitanui, he and his family undoubtedly never had anything other than good and harmless intent in mind.

The boy’s costume was so good that he won a prize at his school’s Book Week costume competition. But when his photograph was posted on a popular social media blog, both his mother and the blogger were subjected to all kinds of abuse from people accusing them of “racism”. But others defended the woman, and so a battle in the Culture War erupted on the blog. The blogger has since deleted the photo. The mother and son reportedly became too scared to leave their house.

Nic Naitanui plays for the West Coast Eagles in the Australian Football League (AFL). Far from merely being concerned with football, the hugely influential AFL and its sycophant media commentators often like to pat themselves on the back for “taking a stand against racism”. With its racial vilification code, and its encouragement of fans to dob in other fans who allegedly display “racism” when attending the football, the AFL has been at forefront in the Culture War in Australia, and has undoubtedly sought to make a huge social taboo out of “racism”. But the horrendous treatment of the innocent Perth mother and her traumatised son probably wasn’t what they had in mind.

All of this perfectly demonstrates the insanity and arbitrariness of “politically correct” values on race issues. PC dogmatism basically holds that all white people are automatically “privileged and powerful” because of their race, whilst all non-white people are automatically “powerless victims” because of theirs. Which means that any black kid could have “dressed up like Nic Nat”, but apparently no little white boy or girl can. And without probably realising it, the underlying message from the PC bullies to the mother and son was basically one that says: “You’re white. Know your place in the PC social hierarchy.”

Yet, here was a case where a completely innocent white child was perceived as being a “powerful oppressor”, and a famed, successful, wealthy black sports superstar, treated like royalty in WA, was perceived as being a “powerless victim”! All because of their respective races — which is completely arbitrary group association.

But this is now the society which has been moulded by the “victim” culture of the dominant new dogmatism of Cultural Marxist-inspired political correctness — where everybody’s pigeon-holed into arbitrary categories, and everybody’s either a “victim” or an “oppressor”, depending entirely on which category you arbitrarily fit into. Furthermore, opposition to perceived “racism” (fully encouraged by the AFL) has become like a modern-day hysteria and is nowadays a vast social bandwagon. Context, circumstance, and intention are frequently not considered, as brainwashed PC zealots, in their deluded moral righteousness, seek to impose their values, whilst scorning and scolding their perceived moral inferiors.

It’s interesting (and frightening) to look at historical parallels. Nowadays, those perceived as being “racists” have become like modern day heretics or witches, who must be metaphorically burned at the stake, and often forced to publicly recant their “heresy”.

Just as the dominant cultural values in the society were once able to easily whip up a Medieval mob to bay for the blood of a witch or heretic, in modern times, brainwashed anti-racist zealots can easily be whipped up to attack perceived “racists” in the media, on internet social media, or in the playground. And just as many innocents were once burned to death in Medieval times, nowadays, many innocents get metaphorically burned in various ways for their alleged “racism”.

Just as the Spanish Inquisition once sought to purge Medieval society of recalcitrant heretics, modern day anti-racism zealots, with their “Zero Tolerance For Racism” mindset seek to purge society of any and all manifestations of perceived “racism”. Particularly if the perceived perpetrators are white. And just as the Spanish Inquisition encouraged and rewarded informants who dobbed in heretics, the AFL seeks to create a culture of “dobbing” at the football, where it publicly thanks its informants.

And just as heresy was once a very flexible, subjective term that was easily manipulated by the accusers, nowadays “racism” is also a flexible, subjective term frequently used by PC bullies to impose subservience to their particular values.

Underlying the clash of values is the seemingly widening social divide in the modern Culture War, as brainwashed anti-Western, anti-traditionalist social progressives, who have to come to virtually deify non-white minorities as a matter of PC dogma, seek to impose and maintain Progressive Cultural Hegemony in Western society, And worse still, take it to ever increasing extremes.

And in racial terms, ultimately, what’s at stake is a power struggle. A struggle on the one hand, between PC bullies and organised ethnic lobbyists, who in their hysterical desire to protect precious non-whites from harm, adverse thoughts or behaviour, seek to massively empower non-white people, whilst keeping the white majority completely subservient to them. On the other side lies people who think this ethic swings the power pendulum too far in favour of non-whites, whilst compromising values like free speech, fair and reasonable debate on race issues, valid displays of humour or imitation, and often overly and unfairly punishing disempowered whites who may display disfavour. And this punishment may well harm many innocents, like the small boy, his mother, and the blogger in question.

Whilst it’s fully acknowledged that racism may manifest in ways that may be ugly, inappropriate, or unacceptable, and that may warrant sanction, unfortunately, in their enthusiastic zeal and deluded moral vanity, the brainwashed PC crowd fail to grasp that our society is paying a serious price for their overzealous, extremist PC values.

But this likely won’t stop too many PC commentators, to whom opposition-to-racism is their personal moral badge of honour, and of whom many just itch for an opportunity to preach about it. Making a social taboo of “racism” can only be good, right? What could possibly go wrong? To them, the plight of the Perth mother and her young boy will be brushed aside as mere “collateral damage” in the Culture War.

Nic Naitanui himself has never been shy to make public comments about racism, and he saw fit to release his own public statement over the blackface controversy, which probably didn’t help anyone, including himself. Whilst Naitanui acknowledged that the woman and her son meant no harm, he mentioned the “painful historical significance “blackface” has had previously on the oppressed” and suggested that the boy’s mother “choose an alternate method” next time.

He then spun the standard AFL industry mantra that the public needs to be “educated” on race issues (by the PC dogma no doubt).

But in what way in the case in question? “Blackfacing” has never been considered a cultural taboo in Australia, and the boy’s mother claimed to have been unaware of the term. Instead, we seem to have an importation of American values, where the black community there seems to dislike being mocked or imitated by whites, apparently due to historical theatrical portrayals by whites negatively stereotyping blacks in that country. As if Australia doesn’t have enough of our own PC nonsense…

Underlying that value is the notion that blacks are too precious to be mocked or imitated by mere white people, even with no harmful intent. Of course, the opposite is allowed, and many black US comedians have over the years frequently mocked white people. There’s even a movie “White Chicks” created by the Wayans brothers, where a pair of black American men dress up as young white women to take the mickey.

Far more helpful was an Aboriginal lady who just a few days later posted “whiteface” pictures of her daughter online, and slammed the “double standards” in the race debate.

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