Burkhas should be banned — but banning burkhas is missing the point


[Contributed article] Having people walking the streets with their faces covered by balaclavas, burkhas, or anything similar makes for a bad society. It engenders an atmosphere of wariness and distrust between people. If it is legal for people ...
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Burka (niqab) issue requires careful thought

Burka 210x150

[Contributed article] The wearing of the niqab (commonly incorrectly referred to as a “burka”) by some Muslim women in Australia has become a hot issue for public debate recently, with Tasmanian Palmer United Party senator Jacqui Lambie ...
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Religious certification


Mark Grech is a NSW senate candidate for the Australian Protectionist Party (APP) and speaks today on the practice of ‘Religious Certification’ of items found within our grocery stores and how the majority are paying for something they neither need ...
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Come along to the protest against the Islamification of Australia [Sunday 17 March 2013, 9 a.m., Melbourne]


A rally has been called for Sunday 17th March 2013 (at 9 a.m.), to hold a peaceful protest outside the Islamic Conference to be held in Melbourne on that weekend. A large crowd is expected; a lot of patriots have already promised to turn up, so ...
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Is this what we want for Australia?


The recent violent demonstration in Sydney by Muslim extremists was a look into the future of the “Multicultural paradise” that the Liberal-Labor parties are building for us. The demonstration was over a new film, “Innocence of Muslims”, which ...
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Prayer rooms for Muslims are indicative of the coming changes to the Australian way of life


Stories in past months about the plans to place prayer rooms for Muslims inside Australia’s football venues provide yet another sign of the changes that are happening in our country. It has been reported that prayer rooms are to be compulsory at all ...
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Mutilated Wallaby found in Elermore Vale.

Animal found mutilated by residents.

On Saturday, 7th January I received a distressed phone call from an Elermore Vale resident who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, namely due to possible retribution for coming forward with this shocking information. In the early hours ...
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Australian Protectionist Party’s successful protest against Islamic extremists


A report from an APP member: On July 3, 2011 the Australian Protectionist Party, with members of the Australian Defence League (ADL), protested against the Islamic extremist group Hizb-ut Tahrir, who were conducting their ‘Uprising’ conference. In ...
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