Australian Protectionist Party’s successful protest against Islamic extremists

A report from an APP member:

On July 3, 2011 the Australian Protectionist Party, with members of the Australian Defence League (ADL), protested against the Islamic extremist group Hizb-ut Tahrir, who were conducting their ‘Uprising’ conference. In these conferences Hizbu-ut Tahrir discuss their plans on how they would re-institute the Islamic caliphate and impose Shari’a law upon many countries, including Australia.

Hizb-ut Tahrir – Islamic extremists

In a 2005 interview, the Sydney Hizb-ut Tahrir organiser said that Westerners must leave Muslim lands if they want to safeguard themselves against terrorist attacks.[1] If that is the case, then why is it permissible for Muslims to immigrate to Western lands and feel safe? It’s permissible because they believe that their Allah tells them they must subjugate all other religious and political systems until the whole world lives under Shari’a, the law of Allah.

It was only a few years ago when they held their last conference in Lakemba, which I attended. At that time I attended with a female companion; however, we were not permitted to sit together inside. She was forced to sit in the corner with all the other women – they even had separate tables of their leaflets for men and women.

That was the conference where such peaceful and non-violent ideas were shared with the audience such as:
“If two people are united and a third person comes along and tries to incite disunity… kill him”
“Sacrifice must be encouraged”
“There is no victory and glory without hard work and sacrifice – no pain, no gain”
“Call for all military-aged Muslims to obtain military training and prepare for Jihad.”

And, of course, it would be remiss not to mention this gem from Hizb-ut Tahrir’s draft constitution: “Those who are guilty of apostasy from Islam are to be executed according to the rule of apostasy”.[2] So if you leave Islam, members of Hizb-ut Tahrir want you to be killed?

The rally

We rallied past the venue several times, shouting slogans such as “No Hizb-ut Tahrir”, “No caliphate” and “No sharia”. After this, the rally proceeded to a nearby park where several brief speeches were presented whilst Darrin Hodges and Nick Folkes answered questions from the waiting media.

After the speeches, the rally proceeded back to the venue and did another walk-by as before; however, by this time there were at least 40 to 50 Dial-A-Mohammads waiting out the front. Several of them attempted to breach the police lines in a show of bravado; however, their displays were merely for the purpose of showing off to their mates rather than any real intention of attacking us, since they would have received as good as they gave.

In the end, the police, concerned about the behaviour of the Mohammadians, called in the dog squad. The dog squad vehicle drove down the street between the two groups whilst the police escorted the rally participants to their vehicles.

Once again, the Australian Protectionist Party was the only party prepared to protest against these extremists.

If you want to stop the spread of Sharia Law, then join the Protectionists!

[1] Muslim first, Australian second, so leave us alone, Sydney Morning Herald, 25 July 2005
[2] Radical Islamic group advocates execution for Islamic defectors, Global Politician, 10 September 2006


  1. These **** are quite probably going to try it on on Remembrance Day (11/11/11). Be aware of it and prepare for it. ****

  2. There is an anti sharia rally 30th Martin place sydney – 12 till 2

  3. next time we go to protest we should all bring our dogs along.That will get rid of them.They think all dogs are inpure.

  4. Save Australia says

    Ditto. Well done to the APP guys!

  5. Islam has no place in western democracies and as such should be protested against at every chance. Many thanks to the great people of the APP for standing up against the threat posed by Islamic extremists.

  6. Alan Webb says

    Well done to all involved.

    I am still amazed that less than 2% of the population are able to demand, and recieve so much. Why is this one way street of "multiculturalism" allowed to continue in defiance of 98% of the rest of the nation?

    Something is being hidden behind the red herring of Carbon Tax media hype.

    Sad to find out after the event.

    Alan Webb.

  7. mike monroe says

    Where the Hell is ASIO? Why are they not doing more to protect this country?

    Or have they been infiltrated too like the MI5 in England?

  8. Gareth Connors says

    Islam is the enemy of all right thinking people.

  9. Why don't these koranimals go back to Cespitistan where they belong?We don't want them,or their poxy sharia laws.Chopped off hands anyone?

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