Come along to the protest against the Islamification of Australia [Sunday 17 March 2013, 9 a.m., Melbourne]

A rally has been called for Sunday 17th March 2013 (at 9 a.m.), to hold a peaceful protest outside the Islamic Conference to be held in Melbourne on that weekend.

A large crowd is expected; a lot of patriots have already promised to turn up, so come along, meet some fellow true blue Australians, and have a good day out.

If you are interested in attending and showing your support for the Australian way of life, as opposed to the creeping spread of Islam within Australia, then please contact us ASAP.

Email your name and phone number (home or mobile) to and you will be sent details. Phone numbers are required to help ensure those expressing interest are genuine patriotic protestors, not time-wasters, etc.

The weather forecast for Melbourne on that day is Min. 13, Max. 22, partly cloudy, with isolated showers (so you may want to bring an umbrella in case there is a short shower). Those with a predisposition to sunburn should consider bringing a hat, sunscreen, and/or sunglasses. [APP, looking out for your interests.]

Bring your mobile phone with you too, to ensure you can contact us on the day (in case you arrive at the wrong spot).

Let’s show the politicians that fair dinkum Aussies are opposed to their selling-out of Australia!

Protest the Islamic “Peace Conference” at the Melbourne Showgrounds in Ascot Vale”, Facebook page for the protest on 17 March 2013
If Wilders is wrong, explain this conference”, Herald Sun, 21 February 2013 (Andrew Bolt)
Islamic ‘Peace Conference’ in Melbourne”, Culture Watch, 2 March 2013 (Bill Muehlenberg)


  1. Well what can one say, it’s an absolute joke that the Government has downgraded border security.

    We should intercept these boats and turn them around and escort out of our waters, if they still don’t take notice then force should be used. We need to take a firm stand on this, my family and I live in the Kimberley and have so called refugees being housed at Curtin , when they are at the airport to be released into the community they stand and laugh , they do not assimilate what so ever .

  2. I saw Communist charity collecters at the entrance of my local railway station back in January at the height of the bushfires and floods and initially thought great,they’re raising money for bushfire and flood victims……..but nup-they were raising money for…….Syria!

    I just don’t understand it.Where do they get off? They’ve been there virtually every day since-getting under my feet. They’re a complete pest.

    Year after year our government hands over billions in foreign aid to cespits like Sudan,Afghanistan,etc,etc-paid for by taxpayers-and we get nothing back.

    Any wonder we’re now billions of dollars in debt?

    A referendum needs to be held on foreign aid,the ‘refugee’ convention and accepting only people who will fit in and have something positive to offer such as White Zimbabwean and South African farmers,Whites fleeing race hate crimes in Europe and America and Christians in Iran,Iraq,Syria,etc(the REAL refugees).

    Also,importing useless,uneducated Sudanese and Somalians will only be a burden down the track,with no positives whatsoever.

  3. Its time for all racist,sexist,anti-woman,anti-Semite,anti-freedom Muslims to be removed from the country our ancestors built up.

    Like I always say…….they change countries,then they try to change the country.

  4. Despite promoting peace and harmony between the religions, not a single non-Muslim or female speaker is listed under the IREA event. All speakers are Muslim males.

    Last night a Christian group, which had hired an info stall at the venue to offer their material to the faithful, was told to stay away because IREA cannot guarantee the safety of the Christians.

  5. There is every chance I might just be there on Sunday

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