Is this what we want for Australia?

An Islamic protester marches through central Sydney on Saturday. Source: News Limited

Protesters on the streets of Sydney today. Photo: Ilya Gridneff

A mother takes a photo of her boy holding up a sign at Sydney’s Islamic protests. Photo: Bevan Shields

The recent violent demonstration in Sydney by Muslim extremists was a look into the future of the “Multicultural paradise” that the Liberal-Labor parties are building for us.

The demonstration was over a new film, “Innocence of Muslims”, which throws doubt upon various aspects of Islam, and questions the life of Mohammad, the creator of Islam. Really? So, how does that turn into attacking police, and marching through the streets of Sydney chanting “’Obama, Obama, we love Osama”? Since when is the terrorist Osama bin Laden such a good guy to be invoked?

And why would they get all violent over Mohammad anyway? Plenty of critical things have been said about Jesus, but you don’t see Fred Nile and hordes of church-going Christians rioting in the street. Perhaps these people belong to a cultural background that is more violent than ours? If so, do we really want such people coming here? And do we want more of them?

The government is building up a large element of extremist Muslims within Australia, due to their disastrous immigration programme. This madness will have real consequences for Australians, as a community and as individuals, in the years to come.

These troubles are reminiscent of the riots over the Mohammad cartoons, illustrations which the mainstream media in Australia was too timid to print (the big media outlets are supposedly all about “the public’s right to know”, but there seems to be a fair bit of self-interest and hypocrisy to be considered first).

Already, in the UK, a screening of the film was cancelled, following threats of violence by Muslim extremists. To back down to the Islamists is a wanton abandonment of the Western principles of democracy and free speech.

Australians are likely to face similar threats. What can we expect from our governments? Can we expect Liberal-Labor politicians to be of any use to us in Australia? The answer is a resounding “NO!” on several levels:

1) Liberal-Labor caused the problem in the first place. For years they were warned about the perils of Third World and Muslim immigration, but rather than listen to the Australian people, they instead drastically increased such immigration to new heights.

2) Liberal-Labor have no substantial commitment to democracy and free speech. The politicians of the Liberal and labor parties brought in the infamous racial and religious vilification laws, designed to stymie the opponents of multiculturalism and Islamification. Such laws are cynical and dastardly attempts to stop freedom of speech, worthy of any Third World fascist dictatorship.

Already, two pastors have been taken to court for poking fun at and “vilifying” Islam. So what if they did? In Australia, we have the right to poke fun at and criticize any religion we want. The fact that the multiculturalist fascists of Liberal-Labor are taking away our legal rights does not in any way mean that we have lost our moral right to free speech.

3) Liberal-Labor intend, directly or indirectly, to turn Australia into a country that is predominantly ethnically Asian, a large element of which will necessarily be Muslims. Considering the ongoing nature of Liberal-Labor’s immigration policies, ask yourself “Will Australia be predominantly European in 200 years time?”; under the rule of the Liberal-Labor regimes, the answer is a big “NO” – and it won’t take as long as 200 years for them to do it either. 100 years? 50 years? Unless they are stopped.

Liberal-Labor don’t have the best interests of the Australian People at heart; the destruction of our nation is what lies deep within their hearts of darkness – although they will be sure to tell you that “It is all for your own good”; sure, because Liberal-Labor politicians can all be trusted, right?

The demonstration by Muslim extremists is not an aberration; it is a sign of things to come. If you have ever voted Liberal-Labor because you thought that they might be good for your family’s future, think again; because under Liberal and Labor, with their beloved Third World immigration and Islamification of Australia, your family will have no future.

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  1. You might be interested to know that the mutt in the top picture is named as Keith Stevenson.

  2. arno von Giessen says

    There is an old saying: “a people get the government they deserve”, tragic but true.
    Having fought against “multiracialism” for years, and been vilified by the do-gooders, cringing government ministers and the political forces left of the spectrum, nothing has changed, except the racial composition of this society, and the destruction of an older, more democratic and a far more pleasant country, as Australia was before about 1970.

    Patriots are rare in this land,- the people have no “fire in the belly”-they complain, but leave the fighting to those few who a prepared to “run the gauntlet” Why are there so many women among the “do gooders?”. I am looking forward to the time that they will be under the harsh muslim yoke- I will laugh like hell!

  3. Multiculturalism is an elitist-formulated agenda for the global colonisation and alienisation of Australia. Such a lofty, self-righteous policy is self-evidently “perfect” and can dispense with the need for indigenous consent, let alone comment.

  4. Is this what we want for Australia?

    This, apparently, is what the Green/Labor/Union/ABC/SBS/Fairfax government want for Australia. Why else have they systematically and quite deliberately demolished our border protection and why they have just about completely emasculated our defense forces!

  5. Refugees from Sydney
    Much has been written about “boat people”. Economic or political refugees coming to Australia to bludge off the Australian tax payer in preference to improving their own country.
    These “alleged” refugees come to Australia’s shores with mixed welcome. Some say our land is wide enough to easily assimilate almost any number of people who come. Other Australians have concerns about the long term survival and prosperity of a peaceful Australia with such a diverse culture in our back yard.
    Nobody in the media speaks of the Australian refugee. These people are usually from the Western suburbs of Sydney and have come to realise that life was better when they were younger or that there must be a less violent Australia to live in. (Apologies to my girlfriend who says Bexley North is not part of the western suburbs). These people are Australian and are fleeing Sydney.
    The failure of multiculturalism is a driving force for most of these refugees. The people who don’t think deeply about this situation will claim that Sydney house prices and the opportunity of a better climate have influenced their decision. Almost nobody can look at the situation honestly and talk of the fear of living in suburbs where Australians are just not welcome. Nobody covers this in the media. But yet the drain from Sydney to other parts of Australia has been underway for many years. It was in the late 1980s I was bashed by a Middle Eastern gang in Sydney.
    Do Australians need to be personally touched by what is happening in Sydney, particularly the western suburbs before they act?

  6. Republican Patriot93 says

    This is a national disgrace, as a patriot it turns my stomach not only to see these people allowed to riot over an issue of religious insecurity, but to know that the government will not stand up to these thugs! It’s only going to get worse, just look at britain, france, sweden, germany… But still we are forced to stand behind a democracy run by the left wing, in a commonwealth burgeoning with those who are lusting for global Caliphate (Jihad). I have noticed, however, that courageous groups such as the EDL (English Defence League) and APP are beginning to speak out against those who aim to silence free speech and are quickly growing in popularity. perhaps there’s hope yet….

  7. I read recently in the Daily Telegraph that currently Muslims make up about 2.2% of the population here in Australia. Apparently, according to research, that is expected to rise to 80% by 2030. WTF!!!

  8. Allowing people from troubled countries to migrate here is only asking for trouble because they bring their problems with them. We have seen this with the Somali gangs now roaming the streets. Since the governments created the problem in the first place I will leave it up to them to clean up the mess.

    Why should first world countries always have to clean up the mess created by these overpopulated third world nations? They have no population control and because there is not enough to go round conflict results. If they don't want to live in a democratic country then that's up to them, but don't take their problems out on the rest of the world because we are all sick of it.

    The people who defend the Muslim community in this country say there are 250,000 Muslims in Sydney and only a few hundred were involved in the riots. How many people did it take to cause the death and destruction of 9/11 – only 9 males!!

  9. Many Australians have been telling the Gillard government to reinstate the Pacific Solution for years now, which only fell on deaf ears. Finally, these people have begun to listen and reopened PNG and Nauru, but not reinstated TPV's, which is what is needed to stop the boats completely, as it did in the past. What part of that don't they understand? No doubt pandering to those freaky greens and refugee advocates. How about listening to what the majority of the Australian people clearly want.

    __I never understood why Kevin Rudd would undo a solution which worked. In doing so he only created problems for the government and once again encouraged people to pay people smugglers and risk their lives coming here on leaky boats, which has cost hundreds their lives. I never want this fool to be PM again that's for sure.

  10. well well well finally maybe autralians and "real australian citizens" who came here with good intentions are being shown the true face of what low lives rejects from the middle east our government is importing here.
    If there was a party to stop muslim migration,they would win hands down.How dare they stand in our streets and
    attack our police.Time for talk is over,political correctness has come to bite their asses and there is a lot worse to
    come.many of your neighbours are harbouring this hate of the west.Dont be fooled by those who say only a minority are like this,they are all the same,maybe less a very small number of intellegent ones.
    You only have to look at egyt,lybia,iraq, why the hell did we help them?now more radical muslims are taking their
    place.Its only a matter of time but mark my words,there will be blooshead in the streets.

  11. It's naive and a matter of denial to imagine that foreign cultures and religions can be freely adapted and assimilated into Australia. It assumes that there is a level playing field and that we can be a united nation based on "diversity" and differences. There are some groups that are diametrically different to our Western European heritage, based on Christian democratic principles. There are some lofty and highly magnificent ideals that promote the "sameness" and unity of all humanity, and "one world", but people aren't so simplistic and cooperative. What we end up with is mono-cultures living side by side, and then we end up with a clash in values. There are many attacks on Christians, the most persecuted group of people in the world now. However, these Muslim extremists defending their prophet are ignoring the victims of their draconian laws. The invasion of foreign nations must end, and illegal wars will have even more profound impacts than in any time in history. We need a steady-state planet, with nations intact with their own philosophies and regimes, not disruption, conflict and displacement that causes havoc, anger and further clashes with foreign cultures.

  12. This is an absurd joke,

    Showing Muslims that now live in our great country, and show posters that want to behead Aussies, not to mention their so called parents brainwashing their kids to hate Westerners and our beliefs.

    As for speaking out, I will and continue to do so, I am a proud Aussie that has Military and Law Enforcement backgrounds, I have young kids, if we don't jump on this I fear for their lives in this country.

    The Government need to round up all the so called boat people and send them back to their country no matter the cost.

    We live in a remote area not far from a detention centre, the inmates have trips every week to Broome for a swim and site see, coffee etc, swim in our town pool with sicknesses and ailments, it is a bloody joke……

    I would stand up as would my family to stand up at polling booths and hand out ballots etc……….we live in the West so if this occurs please contact us.."..

  13. aussie 5 generations says

    an addendum of sorts………They bring out the so called elders who VOW TO STOP THESE YOUNG MUSLIMS FROM ACTING OUT & RIOTING…..well duhhh again……WHO BROUGHT THEM UP?…..alot were in their 20s & 30s and BORN IN AUSTRALIA….so where the hell were their parents when they were growing up here ,the same ones who have just been plastered on tv to SHOW WHAT A DECENT PEOPLE MUSLIMS REALLY ARE…..pity you all didn't do a better job raising them for the last few decades as then they wouldn't be looking to behead aussies who dare to speak out here…..WHICH USED TO BE THE AUSSIE WAY… we just get terrorised if we want to

  14. "Multiculturalism" is a deceptive term because it cloaks its real agenda of a multiracial society under "Newspeak"; presumably its adherants fear any questioning, dissent or opposition engendered by the word multiracial.

    As such muliculturalists are the true bigots & boarderline tyrannts, they stamp out (with malice aforethought) any perceived challenge to their inalienable elitist right to determine what society we all live in.

    Afterall, with the arrival of the British (yet another elitist decision), Australia became multiracial over 200 years ago.

  15. While I unreservedly endorse the sentiment that calls for deportation for all Muslims who want to inflict their absurd medieval beliefs on Australians in our own country, the same applies to the Christians who blackmailed federal politicians into overturning the NT's voluntary euthanasia legislation. This legislation was supported by 90% of Territorians, and a similar percentage of Australians generally feel the same way. Both Christianity and Islam are enemies of democracy. Both need silencing. But of the two, it is Christians with the record of genocide by the millions; and a history of torture, repression, inquisitions, and burnings at the stake.

    • You need to study up on real history Tony, how can Christianity be a threat when our civilization is based on it and Judaism?

      Islam is a clear and present danger that is being ignored by the West because we have a political class that no longer has the people or the country as uppermost in their thoughts. They have become pig ignorant to the real issues that affect the world and pay way too much attention to special interest lobby groups whose only real interest is their minority status as opposed to the nation in general.

      Governments are now run by very people who have little life experience outside University, Unions or lawyers offices.

  16. I encourage everyone to learn about the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation (OIC).

    There protests having nothing to do with the film. The film is just a tool. The OIC have a plan to implement Sharia Law worldwide. This is why they are claiming "Islamophobia" constantly. They want to have laws enacted that restrict our freedom of speech by prohibiting us from critically examining Islam. This is Sharia-compliant because in Islam you can not only leave Islam but you can't criticise it either.

    If you got onto YouTube and google the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation you find videos that discuss it's strategy. It is very interesting and it is an important part of the puzzle.

  17. Islam will take over unless Australians stand up and fight against this false prophets ideology. He was a warmonger and a pedophile we didn’t say it they them self say it. Its time for Auatralia to rise up.

  18. Another interesting event occurred in Parliament last week. The opposition asked Julia what has happened to the perpetrators of last years riots on Christmas Island last year.
    They asked " how many have been convicted, deported , charged, and didn't meet our character tests? . " a simple question that should be answered by the minister of Immigration Chris Bowen.

    Her answer was she didn't know and will find out…..yeah right Julia. Fact is more than likely they are ALL in the community , on welfare and enjoying a free ride on the back of us taxpayers laughing about how weak and pathetic or Government is. They then get to bring family members over as a reward for illegally arriving in Australia. Considering 85% of boat people are still on welfare 5 years after settling in Australia they aren't contributing to our economy one iota . Last week the Australian reported 96% of all Afghans are on welfare in Australia. Iraqis fear better only 94% are welfare bludgers!!!

    I am sooooo over this crap!!!!!

  19. I wonder what would happen to me if I go on a street with a sign to crucify all who don't believe in Jesus.
    If they (Muslims) do not like here they are free to go back. I believe they would make a lot of people happy.
    Instead they are taking over this country with a help of all our politicians.And we pay for it. Wake up, get together and take control of our country , our lives and a future of our kids.

  20. Besides being allowed to settle here, violent Islamic fanatics are bringing all sorts of diseases with them. Diseases which had been eradicated in Australia. They are not being screened for TB, hepatitis, smallpox, and other complaints before moving into suburbia and mixing with the existing population.

    What happened to Gillard's dazzling scheme of placing illegal muhammedans into 'ordinary' Australian families? Has anyone got an update on the scheme?

  21. The River Styx says

    I can also see other worrying things developing as well. Eventually when Australians in general have had enough and it is so close to this right now, our government will have turned a normally happy, kind and caring Australian nation into the "holders of the line". This will happen if our government does not act now. It is and never has been the duty of Australians to do this – We have a well trained and trustworthy army officers to do this. However this could all change in an instant. As soon as the first protester is badly hurt, maimed or even killed for his or her beliefs on the streets of our cities, it will be too late.

  22. The River Styx says

    I can also see other worrying things developing as well. Eventually when Australians in general have had enough and it is so close to this right now, our government will have turned a normally happy, kind and caring Australian nation into the "holders of the line". This will happen if our government does not act now. It is and never has been the duty of Australians to do this – We have a well trained and trustworthy army officers to do this. However this could all change in an instant. As soon as the first protester is badly hurt, maimed or even killed for his or her beliefs on the streets of our cities, it will be too late.

    None of us want to see this, of course. We need our government, and all politicians to take account of what we are saying. This is not a joke that is going to go away. It is real and it is affecting our lives right now. We are confined to our homes at night in the big cities. We see drug deals on our train stations, and bikie gangs no longer have English names but the flavour is now Middle Eastern. And, anyone who lives in Sydney, knows about drive by shootings. The criminals all have guns and we, the people paying for everything for these people are not able to protect ourselves when the police cant always do this. They cannot be everywhere at once and the cost to our society even over this weekend and last weekend has sent the cost of the police force wages to explosive heights. We cannot afford these people. We cannot afford housing for them while our people sleep on the streets. We cannot afford Centrelink payments for them either while a certain class of Australians cannot afford to pay their electricity bill as well as the pensioners.

    Our courts are overloaded every week and Australians who need to give evidence in any of these court cases are afraid and often cant muster the courage to go and give the vital evidence to put these people in gaol. I know, because it has happened to me. Our families are threatened if we do.

    So all I can say is wake up Australia. Get out there and protest while you can.

  23. aussie 5 generations says

    When the US advised it's people not to be caught in Sydney and Melbourne this weekend just in case…….TERRORISM WON……it's that simple…….Australia is unsafe and they don't even need to fire a weapon……it's just that riot showing people a taste of what is lurking in our society………of course when young AUSSIES show their hand by texts to warn them off……THEY GET ARRESTED…..while 98% (8 out of 400) of the rioters get nothing……as usual…….MINORITY FANATICS WIN AGAIN…..and i'm a bloody atheist but how many of us are too scared to come out for fear of being targeted by violent nutters who believe in any god……DUHH….koran or bible or whatever…..IT'S A BOOK OF FICTION and brings nothing but hatred , predjudice , death and con artists who take to the tv to rob decent people

  24. While in Rome become a roman.

  25. Alert, Australia is being threatened by the multiple cultural scheme created by PM Malcolm Fraser and both Labor, Liberals following plus Greens. The most western country just accept the political refugee, not asylum seeker or so-called multiple culture.
    The refugee or migrant come to the western state for new life, but they want to impose their way, religion to where they live. It is not acceptable.

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