Anti-Australian attack upon Cook’s Cottage

In what must be one of the most moronic acts of the year, Anarchists in Melbourne have vandalised Captain Cook’s Cottage, by spray-painting their stupid slogans all over the historic building located in the Fitzroy Gardens, as some sort of infantile protest against Australia Day. In addition to the slogan, the vandals also paint-bombed the building, just to ensure that they did as much damage as possible.

This time around, the official Anarchist websites have not claimed responsibility; however, it doesn’t take much imagination to work out where the idea for this attack originated. When Cook’s Cottage was vandalised last year, close to Australia Day (just like this year), an article on the Anarchist News website proudly proclaimed “we trashed the absurd shrine to genocide, Captain Cooks Cottage, with paint.”

It is the height of barbaric stupidity to vandalise historic icons in a supposed “political protest”. Who knows what they will do next? Maybe they will catch a plane to the Louvre Museum in France and spray-paint all over the Mona Lisa, in a protest “against French capitalism and exploitation of struggling artists by the capitalist running dogs of the military industrial complex”. It wouldn’t surprise us if they thought that was a great idea.

If these pathetic people get caught, it’s hard to know whether they should be sent to jail or just have their bottoms smacked and sent to bed without any dinner. Although, probably the best punishment would be to sentence them to pay for the restoration and to spend the next five years of their weekends cleaning up graffiti.

The slogan used by the vandals was “26th Jan Australia’s shame”; however, as historic aside, it was Governor Arthur Phillip who arrived in Sydney with the First Fleet on 26 January 1788 (Australia Day), not Captain Cook (the latter discovered the eastern coast of Australia for the British in 1770).

We hope that the police catch these vandals and stop any further vandalism of a similar nature.

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  1. Trina Lord says

    There is often one bad apple in every batch, I should know, I’m a farmer.

  2. Stop their dole payments and any other privileges they enjoy from our Westminster system, bloody cowardly scum. Some of my forefathers died so they could live in the style to which they have become accustomed.
    Lock them up and throw away the key.

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