Cook’s Cottage vandalised in racist attack

In what has been described by the Mayor of Melbourne as “an act of bastardry”, Captain Cook’s Cottage in the Fitzroy Gardens (Melbourne) has been vandalized, with a group of anarchists claiming responsibility. This was the second attack on the historic building within a two week period.

The sheer wanton vandalism of such an act is staggering. To vandalise historic buildings shows a mindset bordering on moronic, that has little or no care for the conservation of historic artifacts, or even for civilisation itself.

An anarchist internet site, “Anarchist News”, claimed responsibility for the dastardly act. They said:

“The denial of this brutal and revolting history is nowhere more evident than on the 25th of January, the celebration of Australia Day – the date of invasion. This is why we trashed the absurd shrine to genocide, Captain Cooks Cottage, with paint. . . . We must act on our own behalf, directly and without mediation.”

Exactly how clever these Anarchists are is open to question. Their article (and, in fact, their site in general) is notable for its bad grammar (lack of apostrophes, missing commas, and worse). Maybe they could claim that they are “grammar anarchists” too; but their stupidity is revealed when they say that Australia Day is on the 25th of January, when even primary school children know that it’s on the 26th.

The Anarchists stated that “We must act on our own behalf, directly and without mediation”, but it looks like that may be another error, with the phrase missing a “c”, which would make it read as “without medication”, as apparently they forgot to take theirs.

The spray-painted scrawl on the historic building was “Cappy Cook a crook – was killer liar thief”. The juvenile-minded anarchists threw random idiotic charges at Cook. They didn’t add “vandal” to the list of Cook’s alleged misdeeds, which was perhaps a shame, as that would have been the ultimate in irony.

Who Captain Cook was supposed to have killed, or what he lied about, is unclear; who knows what goes on in the minds of idiotic anarchists? Presumably the “thief” reference is to the notion that Cook “stole” land from Aborigines. Apparently they ignored the fact that Cook staked a claim on what seemed to be a largely deserted continent.

Since various Aboriginal tribes went to war with each other and took each other’s lands, should we presume that there will soon be a spate of anarchist vandalism directed against Aboriginal institutions and icons? In historic terms, tribes and nations commonly take land, or settle land, that other groups claim. The only real difference in this case is that it was Europeans who claimed the land. These attacks upon Captain Cook and white settlement are in fact just further examples of anti-white racism in this country.

Whilst ordinary citizens are understandably angry at the anarchists who committed this outrageous crime, the real fault lies with the teachers and journalists who peddle the “black armband” version of Australian history, portraying the European founders of our nation as “invaders” and as “stealing Aboriginal land”.

Do any teachers educate their students about the warfare between Aboriginal tribes, the settling or seizing of land by rival Aboriginal tribes, and point out that this is the same in principle as when the European pioneers settled the land?

Not only is the anti-white propaganda of journalists and teachers responsible for the mind-sets that led to the vandalisation of Captain Cook’s Cottage, they are also responsible for much of the anti-white vilification and propaganda that is so prevalent in modern times. The anti-national brigades of Political Correctness cry “racism” at almost anything negative relating to Third Worlders (no matter whether the charges are true or not), but their silence is deafening when it comes to racism against white people.

Political Correctness excels in putting massive chips onto the shoulders of many within various minority groups, leading to anti-Australian vandalism as well as anti-Australian violence. Teachers, journalists, and other advocates of Political Correctness are not only responsible for the ongoing vandalism against our heritage, but also for the ongoing destruction of our nation itself.

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  1. The g Factor says

    Think how much outrage would be heard if an Aboriginal (or Muslim, Asian) sacred site was vandalised.

  2. Hear, hear…..

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