Police enforce “no-go areas” in Australia

With Lauren Southern being banned from certain parts of Lakemba, it is now official that there are “no-go areas” in Australia.

Southern visited Sydney as part of a speaking tour. Whilst in the city, she decided to conduct some street interviews around Lakemba, the Sydney suburb widely known as an area with a large demographic concentration of Muslims.

Whilst in Lakemba, Police Inspector Rick Agius stopped Southern and told her that, if she went near the Lakemba mosque, she could cause a disturbance, and therefore she was liable to be arrested for creating a “breach of the peace” (it is notable that it was a high-ranking police official who stopped Southern from going about her business).

In effect, what the police were saying was that a significant number of Muslims can’t be trusted to act in a reasonable manner, or to act with calmness and restraint, when someone questioning Islam is in their area — and that those Muslims are likely to start being disruptive, possibly even being violent.

If such a “breach of the peace” occurred, and Lauren Southern was attacked by some violent Muslims, then what the police were saying was that she would be arrested — even though she was the victim of a violent, criminal, attack!

The police want to arrest the victim?! What a travesty of justice!

It should be noted that no evidence has been found for the writing of this article of any examples where people have been banned from predominantly Christian areas in Australia simply because they are critics of Christianity. But now we have “no-go areas” where critics of Islam are banned.

This is madness. However, such lunacy is to be expected in a country run by Multiculturalists.

Multiculturalism is a political ideology which is inherently authoritarian. Multiculturalists generally support massive amounts of Third World immigration into Western countries, bringing about an influx which creates social divisions and community unrest, which in turn creates a “fight back” effect amongst the majority white population, from those who oppose the presence of large numbers of Third Worlders in their midst and/or oppose the rise of what they consider to be an unwanted and dangerous Third World religion.

In such a process, the Multiculturalists become fearful of political dissent, and therefore bring in laws and policies to stymie or shut down any strong opposition to the reigning political ideology of Multiculturalism and its negative outcomes.

It should not surprise anyone that there are “no-go areas” in Australia, or that patriotic political dissenters are being threatened with arrest and/or crippling financial burdens just to indulge in their rightful exercise of free speech.

It is typical that some form of authoritarianism is the underlying true nature of Multiculturalism.

Stefan Molyneux has quite rightly asked the question “If there is a place where you can’t walk down the street, and you can’t engage in conversation about values with people, is it even Australia?”

The Australian nation was created as a homogeneous democratic nation, and, in modern times, we need to be moving towards a utopian future of peaceful homogeneity, democracy, and freedom of speech, not be heading into a dystopian future of Multiculturalism, authoritarianism, and police state tactics.

We need to win our country back!

Thrown Out Of Sydney No Go Zone”, Lauren Southern, YouTube, 27 July 2018 [Lauren Southern stopped by Police Inspector Rick Agius]

Some excerpts from the above video:
2.51 min.
Lauren Southern: “Do I have the legal right to walk down this area?”
Rick Agius: “At this point in time, no.”

3.04 min.
Lauren Southern: “Just to do interviews on the street, am I allowed to?”
Rick Agius: “No.”
Lauren Southern: “Why not?”
Rick Agius: “Because I’m asking you not to.”

3.10 min.
Lauren Southern: “Ok, no cameras, nothing, would I be allowed to talk to people and criticize Islam?”
Rick Agius: “No. No, no.
Lauren Southern: “Why?”
Rick Agius: “Because I’m telling you no. You’ll commit an offence.
… What questions do you intend on asking?
… Why do you want to criticize Islam?”

The truth about Lakemba”, Lauren Southern, YouTube, 30 July 2018 [Lauren Southern talks with Stefan Molyneux about the Lakemba incident] (see 6.01 min.)

Police involvement in politics is a bad idea”, Australian Protectionist Party, 31 July 2018

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