Police involvement in politics is a bad idea

The organisers of the tour for visiting Canadian patriots Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux have received a demand from the Victorian Police for almost $68,000 — an extortionate attempted cash grab just for them to do their job to keep law and order on the streets of Melbourne.

The organisers of the event had arranged their own security for inside their own event. If any protestors turned up outside of the meeting venue, then it’s the job of the police to handle that situation — it’s what they are paid by the taxpayers to do; in fact, it’s their job.

The police were well aware of the fact that various neo-Communists, domestic terrorist Blackshirts (Antis), and assorted other Leftist radicals had called for protests against Southern and Molyneux, but they apparently made no effort whatsoever to charge the violent Leftists any amount of money.

According to news reports, the violent Leftists attacked buses carrying meeting attendees, and blocked the Hume Highway — if that was the case, then why weren’t the Leftists charged with obstruction? You could bet that if it was Patriots attacking buses full of Leftists, and blocking a public road, that there would be many arrests — yet, on this occasion, there was only one Leftist arrested (for assaulting the police).

The police on the street are fully aware of the general rule that they should always expect the radical Left to cause violence at street demonstrations, whereas it would be a rarity for any violence to emanate from the ranks of patriots (in fact, usually any such counter-violence would turn out to be a case of Patriots acting in self-defence against Leftist attackers).

However, it isn’t the police on the street who are charging the patriots — it’s the police high command. The police and the judiciary have become increasingly politicised over a period of some years — from their enmeshment with the political ideology of Multiculturalism, their involvement with the so-called “racial vilification” laws, encouraging a pro-homosexual police culture, lying about the extent of African crime, and so on.

Now the police are trying to extort money from patriots. Considering that it’s always Leftists who turn up to Patriotic meetings to cause violence, not the other way around, it’s pretty obvious that this police tactic specifically favours Leftist radicals and acts against Patriots. In effect, the police are trying to financially target any patriotic groups who hold public meetings.

This is atrocious stuff. Indeed, it’s a case of the police trying to extort protection money from the victims of crime. Will the police now be charging banks for responding to bank robberies? Will the police begin charging rape victims for the police time and effort in investigating their cases?

The police should just stick to their job of stopping crime and catching actual criminals. The police high command should keep their collective noses out of patriotic politics.

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  1. Welcome to the new Police State, the police have become lackeys for our leftard government. Just like the UK the indigenous folk don’t have any rights anymore, welcome to hell.

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