APP policy: Foreign affairs

International treaties
As a sovereign nation, Australians have a right to exercise complete control over our nation’s destiny. We reject the myriad of United Nations treaties signed by successive governments without consultation with the Australian people.

Treaties such as the Kyoto treaty, Lima Declaration, General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs, Agenda 21 and the UN Protocol on Refugees have been imposed on Australians against their wishes. The APP rejects the globalist agenda of the World Trade Organisation and believes that globalisation has had a devastating impact upon Australian industry. The APP proposes that Australia withdraw from the Lima Declaration and similar declarations and international agreements, as they are detrimental to the Australian economy, and by extension to the Australian standard of living.

The APP calls for Australia to immediately withdraw from all United Nations treaties that negatively impact upon Australia’s sovereignty.

Foreign aid
As a general rule, there should be no foreign aid in terms of cash payments, besides disaster relief which can be tracked directly to relief efforts, and certainly not simply giving money away to foreign governments or agencies. Management services and goods may be provided with maximum Australian involvement. The current high level of government-provided foreign aid should be directed towards poverty relief within Australia.

Foreign aid may be used in the advancement of Australian interests, such as linking foreign aid to agreements with foreign countries to process so-called refugees who have attempted to come to Australia as economic migrants after by-passing other countries. However, in general, any such foreign aid should be delivered as Australian goods, such as farming, mining, or manufacturing products, so that such aid also has the additional benefit of creating employment in Australia. Foreign Aid should be directed in ways that benefit Australia.

The government should put on offer a scheme as part of its foreign aid programme whereby distance education is offered to Third World countries (so long as the distance learning requirements of Australians are being met). In similar fashion, we could offer a scheme whereby volunteer teachers are offered scholarships to teach in the Third World, as a practical way of giving foreign aid to underdeveloped countries.


  1. Slave Nation says

    Something needs to be done soon or only blood will be able to turn things around.

  2. Its appalling that we’re are all bound by the 1951 treaty that was signed before most of us were born. Its obviously time for a review. That original treaty was meant to benefit Jews and others from Europe whose very existance was under threat if they wern’t relocated. All its doing now is helping to Islamise Australia…..under the noses of us who never asked for it.

    • As I pointed out previously the 1951 Convention was designed for a set of circumstances totally unlike those of todays world. It’s high time for its revision, or more to the point a complete new treaty.

  3. The g Factor says

    We have signed up to so many UN treaties we have practically lost our sovereignty as a nation.

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