Australian Protectionists applaud BNP’s success

Media release

Australian Protectionist Party National Chairman Mr. Andrew Phillips today congratulated the British National Party for their stunning electoral victory in the recent European Parliamentary elections.

“Despite a barrage of media smears, lies and physical attacks, members of the BNP have shown immense stoicism and tenacity to take 2 seats in the European Parliament” Mr. Phillips said. “Retired lecturer Andrew Brons won in Yorkshire and Humber region while full credit must go to BNP Chairman Nick Griffin for his victory in the North West region”.

The APP intends to invite one of the new BNP members of the European Parliament to Australia on a speaking tour to spread their message of group cultural rights for everyone, including Australians of European descent and pass on their winning tactics and campaigning techniques to those Australians wanting to fight the institutional racism currently endured by Australians wanting group rights.

“Australians of European descent are the only group excluded from having any “group rights” under the present multicultural regime.” Mr. Phillips continued, “Currently , groups can set up an Aboriginal TV/radio organisation, Asian students body or an African cultural association, each one feeding off taxpayer funding with government departments bending over backwards to accommodate their needs – but if anyone sets up a “Euro-Australian rights group”, it would immediately be attacked as racist. White Australians are the only group attacked for organising for the rights and interests of their own people.”

“Like the BNP, the Australian Protectionist Party seeks to bring some balance back to the current sad state of affairs by ending the current hypocrisy and discrimination exhibited by self-serving parliamentarians acting against the national interest”.


  1. Good to hear sharia law issue has been put on the back burner in Australia….For now!

  2. SUBJECT: How Labour drowned Britain in immigrants



  3. Some racial groups just are not compatible with our society and we do not want them in Australia.
    These I feel are the worst in this respect:-
    Middle Eastern

    Hell they can't even live in peace with each other in their own countries, WHY THE HELL WOULD WE WANT THEM HERE CREATING THE SAME PROBLEMS AS THIER OWN COUNTRIES, only getting paid welfare from Aussies at the same time!!!!!!!!

    They are violent and volatile.

  4. To BNP. I have read the article… and associated articles. I feel so sorry for UK. Living alongside the people who openly desire to overtake your own country must be horrible!

  5. he was an Australian of Greek decent which still makes him Australian. I agree the Education system is f***ed. I genuinely feel sorry for teachers and school staff because of PC schools are f***ed and there is no discipline.

    And as for these violent mu slims send them back to where their parents or they came from regardless of wether they were born here f***ing scum ain't welcome here.

  6. Have people forgotten the recent attack at a public primary school.

    A group of Muslim school children attacked a young Australian boy because he was eating a salami sandwich. The young Australian boy was not a Muslim.

    • If memory serves me Jack, the boy in question was Greek. There is no denying the agressiveness of muslim students – that's why the Principal of the Punchbowl High School applied for extended stress leave – but in actual fact the guy had a nervous breakdown. He couldn't deal with the violent behaviour of the muslim dominated school population. I think the guy is suing the NSW Education Department for LACK of support in dealing with these thugs. The Skaif boys came from Punchbowl High, and the students who stabbed an Asian student to death also came from there. Still, the cowardly boffins sitting in their air-conditioned offices in the Education Dept denied the Principal help. Bastards…..:(

      • he was an Australian of Greek decent which still makes him Australian. I agree the Education system is f***ed. I genuinely feel sorry for teachers and school staff because of PC schools are f***ed and there is no discipline.

        And as for these violent mu slims send them back to where their parents or they came from regardless of wether they were born here f***ing scum ain't welcome here.

      • Thanks Catty for that update. In cases like this I do feel sorry for the teachers. My old One Nation regional president said that for a female teacher a class of Muslim boys are uncontrollable.

      • Guys, at least the school suspended the litte islamic turd that was supposedly the ring leader. If we were in the UK the school would have swept it under the carpet for fear of offending them.
        If parents are serious about this scum then they are the ones that need to put their cases to the school in order to stop this behaviour.
        We need to go about nipping these things in the bud in a sensible and sanctioned way; lets not become like the heathens we are fighting.

  7. Well done Mr Oak! Well done for taking a step and helping.

    When things look bleak, turn to ya mate next to you and say “bugger”. 🙂 ((the point is you will have mates next to you))

    • English Oak says

      Thanks, Nathan.
      Mate, we need to stand up and protect the rights of Anglo-Europeans in this country, because God knows what Liebour (intentional mispelling) will do to us if we dont.
      Our culture is the most important culture there is in this great land – it was us that made it happen!
      It is therefore this culture that must remain supreme.
      Up the APP!!

  8. English Oak says

    Part 2
    I also believe that it is NOT the responsibility of Western governments to feed, clothe and house 3rd Worlders. Why is it that Western European countries believe they are the ones that must take care of asylum scroungers that turn up on the doorstep everyday?
    Countries such as Australia were created with the blood, sweat and tears of Anglo-Europeans; who forged this great country from an unrelenting and inhospitable environment. We as Europeans came here and built this epitome of Western Civilisation. It was our hard work that built the civic, social and educational institutions that make this country great.
    It was founded upon Christian beliefs and mainly British and Western European customs and social ideals. I (and i'm sure many others) would like to see this preserved.
    I will be the first one to buy a ticket to hear Nick Griffin or Arthur Kemp speak if they were invited to Australia.

    • They have invited Nick Griffin, but he has been repeatedly denied a visa to speak in Australia – has something changed?

      • Hello Catty. Hope you are well. – That's disgusting about Nick Griffin. They let all kinds of troublesome buggers into this country and yet when Griffin wants to just come for a chat he is denied a visa. Frankly that stinks!

  9. English Oak says

    Part 1
    I am a first generation Australian of British heritage.
    I would firstly like to say congratulations to the BNP for the amazing ground they have covered in the last year or so.
    I am a proud member of the BNP and i now intend to fight for the rights of Anglo-Europeans here in Australia. I am sending off my APP membership form tomorrow.
    I think it is a noble thing to create a party that will fight against these insidious cancers known as political correctness and immigration of those that are not compatible with Australian and Western ideals.

  10. There is a report by Victorian Chamber of commerce saying that Australia needs lots of migrants.

    • Black Knight says

      This is typical of the business community, Euro. They are always looking to bring foreign workers into this country. Somehow the idea of training up Australians never occurs to them. Instead they want to increase immigration and so-called "workplace participation" which in effect means rounding up the elderly, the infirmed and the crippled in an attempt to make them turn a profit for businessmen. Unless this search for ever-increasing profits at Australia's expense is either curbed or halted it with be the death of this country.

      • I thought so, Black Knight. Building construction businesses and real estate lobby benefit from enhanced migration enourmously. Every time someone says that houses and rents in Australia should become more affordable, those bodies assure us that it will never happen because of underlaying demand. And they are right – underlaying demand is there – extra 270K people a year coming this way.
        I cannot understand why having 5% unemployment (some says 10% in real terms) we need few hundred thousand more taxi drivers.
        Skilled migration must apply only to most qualified individuals that require many years of training (scientists, doctors, engineers etc.). Tradesmen can be trained here at home within a year or two. I would welcome opinion of others.
        PS: there are some new polls at <a href="” target=”_blank”>

      • I thought so, Black Knight. Building construction businesses and real estate lobby benefit from enhanced migration enourmously. Every time someone says that houses and rents in Australia should become more affordable, those bodies assure us that it will never happen because of underlaying demand. And they are right – underlaying demand is there – extra 270K people a year coming this way.
        I cannot understand why having 5% unemployment (some says 10% in real terms) we need few hundred thousand more taxi drivers.
        Skilled migration must apply only to most qualified individuals that require many years of training (scientists, doctors, engineers etc.). Tradesmen can be trained here at home within a year or two. I would welcome opinion of others.
        PS: there are some new polls at

        • I can see we are thinking on the same wavelength, Euro. Those groups, and others, find their natural representation in the Liberal Party. This is the reason why the right works to continually undermine Australia, just like the left, and can never provide a solution to Australia's immigration dilemma. Selling out Australia, I am sad to say, is not only good business, but good for business.

  11. Congratulations BNP.
    Recent comment on reducing immigration to UK by PM is a result of your effort. 'They' listen to you no matter what. Read the link below.

  12. saintstevoinwiganuk says

    thanks for all the support app, in the united kingdom now you cant even talk about immigration without being called a racist etc ,, the uk is being run by labour libral leftys it has been for some time now , the white english working class people in the uk has become a second class citizen,,remember to vote app/bnp in the up comin elections,

  13. dave the pom says

    Have just finished reading a series of essays put together by a fella who calls himself RECONQUISTA ,with out doubt the most foreboding thing I have ever read .It is a brit site but just substitute brit with aust or nz & fast forward 5 years ,maybe not that long ,Its called FROM TITANS TO LEMMINGS THE SUICIDE OF THE WHITE RACE & can be googled .The multi culti libs wont like this one ,its in 7 parts & is not a 5 minute read .I found the 7th one particularly disturbing . Any probs I can give another way in .The powers that be have tried to get it removed. dave HI MEDIATOR, IF DEEMED POSTABLE PERHAPS IT COULD BE PUT ON A PAGE THAT IS MORE ACTIVE THANKS

  14. hell i think someone should start a Anglo studend body or something like that and when they try to stop them and they will we take them to court under the racial hatred act of 1995 because under law we will have the same protection as say asians do under that same act.

  15. 1. Re: BNP. Sadly, Britain as well as all other Europe has already been lost.
    2. APP should be careful not to be 'Anglo-Saxon' exclusively but rather party of 'people descendands from populations of the civilised world'. 'Anglo-Saxon' population has already become too narrow as an electorate to make any difference (sadly).
    3. To achieve something, APP must be careful with wording of its policies e.g. enemies of APP would have better angle of attack for 'white' terminology but using wording such as 'people descendands from populations of the civilised world' would give them lesser leverage in their argument against APP.
    Good luck

  16. Kevin Andrews has come under fire from the Gestap race police for wanting an open discussion on the growing Muslim population. Of course one of the main whingers was homosexual leader of the Greens Bob Brown who has no problems with Muslims at all, despite they would put him to death as homosexuality is strictly banned in Islam, so perhaps one day when the do take over, we will be rid of the usless, unpatriotic and idiotic Mr Brown.
    So once again, any sensible debate over this growing threat is silenced by the traitors who live in their own little fantasy world, maybe KRudd thinks he's in line for a Noble Peace Prize like his mate running America at the moment. If he paints his face black, he'd probably get one too, for helping in the extinction of the lowest breeding race in the world by replacing it with the fastest and most aggressive race in the world.

  17. dave the pom says

    Absolutely michael ,theBNP web site is a mine field of info ,they have seriously been up against this crap for years .I think it goes back abit further than rudd the dudd,little jonnie, hawke ,keating all played there part . 80%+ people polled in referance to imigration policy do NOT agree with it .We seriously need to get it out there before this ratio changes beyond a point of no return . The way it stands at the moment with potential asylum seekers being given acess to centrelink ,( which i noticed was kept pretty stum) why would they not want a piece of it,free medical ,housing ,fed & watered & paid large sums of money for outbreeding us .Is this frigin lunacy or what ,there are billions out there that want a piece of our pie , i dont blame them ,just our treacherous self serving pollies with their heads up the backsides of the globalists . Just in passing does ms wong get up anybody elses nose ,monotoned drone , Do have a look at www. / W V Fossils/greenhouse. Just another slant re GW !!! KEEP GETTING IT OUT THERE TROOPS Dave Ps joining today

  18. Has the APP seen the article where British Labour politican has been GLOATING that Tony Blair DELIBERTELY flooded England with 3rd world immigrants to as he put it ‘rub the noses of multiculturalism in the faces of the right’, thereby admiting the Labour government has willingly commited genocide of THEIR OWN RACE!!! His name is Andrew Neathers.
    Given what our ‘own Tony Blair’ aka K Rdd has done the same thing, can this mongrel be had up on human rights charges?
    Also just read on the BNP website that the United Nations has (finally) acknowledged that the Anglo-Saxon race is now the minority race in the world.
    So what Rudd has done is actually a great crime. Also, the human rights law for indigenous races states that NO INDIGENOUS RACE WILL EVER BE COLONIZED EVER AGAIN. We are not indig to Australia, but any Aboriginal lawyer could use this for their own people. I would advise the APP to use this information, get the legal facts and hopefully stop this maniac from turning Australia into another Islamic colony!

    • Hey Michael, It would be funny to see these multi-culture invade there homes do there evil and then see these morons whinge that they were victims of a race attack. Idiots. Labour isn't the right term for those imbiciles any longer. Rather Liberal far left would be more suited. Labour is meant to be for the worker and the businesses but do any of us see anything that goes with that, i don't.

  19. Thanks for your support APP. I am a BNP activist in Birmingham. Have added a banner link on my blog

  20. Thank you all for your comments.The BNP in the UK are getting stronger every day,even with all the biased,made up stories in the commie controlled media.WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER.Best Wishes to the APP.keep on fighting.

  21. True Aussie says

    The BNP have done extremely well and I am eagerly awaiting Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time.

    We must stand up and make our voices heard as the BNP has done, enough is enough. Join the APP and become active.

  22. james glennie says

    i am a scottish born australian i feel australia is a great country but the last few years we seem to have let lots of other races in which have little to offer this great country.look at whats happened to the uk on a recent trip to the uk my local bookies besides the bookie i was the only english speaking customer ?.
    also immigrants should have to blend in.
    my wife uses public transport and is fearful as she is at times the only non coloured person on the carraige and they all speak in other languages.
    my wifes father faught the cruel japanese in ww2 why did they bother they are all here anyway .

  23. Protectionism has always been a facet of classic nationalism. The media refers to
    nationalists as “far right” groups, but the populist/protectionist aspect proves
    them wrong. The “far right” label says “not in your economic interest.”

    To refer to the APP as a “far right” group would be an ideological paradox.

    • Thats just there come back, they always lie and will lie at anything to get there own way. It's like a mob of whining parasites hungry for blood. If you promote Australian culture, Equality and looking after all Australians before anyone else, which doesn't mean they still will not be looked after. HOW IS THAT FAR RIGHT, I ask? The left will always make it up as they go, just like they do the laws. Every new day they make up some cock and bull story and then need an new law. I guess thats why we have so many contradictive laws that no matter which way you go, you break the law. Idiots need sending to Christmas Island, made wake up tto themselves.

  24. It’s been brilliant Reading all your comments, thankyou keep up the good work. Hartlepool Bnp England

  25. Nicholas Folkes says

    John Woodson,

    Deng is another African welfare junkie inciting volenece against white Australians. Blacks have done such a fine job of stuffing up Africa and now they want to help the Intl. Socilaists derail our sovereignty and wealth. Negus is a revolting turd and needs his mouth wasted out with Deng’s urine. Get on the SBS thread and leave some comments. Us, Nationalists need to be more pro-active against the left and their divisive arguments.

  26. James Edgar says

    Did anyone see the Dateline programme on the
    British National Party? It was very biased and
    shows how the Far Lefties are out to destroy
    our Homeland! They are the Nazis we are
    WASPS that fought the Nazis!!

  27. John Woodson says

    Just to let you know that SBS Dateline on Sunday 30th August,09
    at 8.30p.m. is doing a programme on the British National Party.
    I thought Aussie Nationalists might like to view it and then
    comment. Little Georgie Negus has always been a Far Leftie
    always pushing his Leftist agenda.
    There is a dreadful man called Deng from Melbourne that has
    already made some very anti-white racist comments on the
    Dateline website.
    I will keep voicing my concern where Australia is heading with
    this Far Left International Socialist Agenda?

  28. I hope Mr. Wilson had a good time at the Red White and Blue. The BNP has made great gains in recent times, and I wish the same for the APP. We Nationalists have a long, hard battle ahead of us, but together we are strong.

  29. Berie_bert says

    BNP RWB 2009 Richard Greenfield’s “Oh Britannia”

  30. Peter Mace says

    This entire global modern environment was built with mostly white hetrosexual created technology.Now its about time a party was created to remind those who choose to ignore fact that without white hetrosexual input we would not be with such a modern world.
    Good on you to all those who standup for equal rights for whites,and try to put an end to discrimination and racism against our race.
    As all we want is equality and decency for all.

    Just think if God made Adam & George we would have no society, anyway’s, no matter how hard Adam & George try.

    • Thats it Peter, we stand up for our rights but then are accused of racism. Go figure.

      • Have we denied any other minority there rights, Oh hang, apparently when we weren't born or even knew what the word rights meant, oh thats fair for taking our rights away, NOT!

  31. Janet Simspon says

    I agree with Nicholas, I have become more politically active
    since the British National Party has won 2 seats in the
    European Parliament. The likes of Tony Blair and the
    rest of the Loony Left gang should be put on trial for crimes
    against the British people. When I saw those pictures of
    those 8 Beautiful English boys who were recently killed
    in Afghanistan I was outraged with the likes of Tony
    Blair. Why isn’t his son fighting in Afghanistan???
    This war was started by Blair’s Far Left comrades!!!
    just like Vietnam was……I despise Blair and his ilk.

    • All the ANTI WAR protests around the world were organised by the Left and Centrist parties while the Right supported both the Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan wars.Please get your facts right.

      • Bliar was far left, get yours right!

        • I would say Howard was left, i would even go as far to say that KRUDD is left when he is meant to be right. They are all going left. Goody goodies apposed the war and yes, i am a goody goody but i still hate the left because they only care for themselves and not everyone as a whole. They don't give a toss about me. Oh and if the left want to fix global warming then stop denying people who invent water fueled cars you morons. Money is the lefts only agenda. HYPOCRITES

        Why are they not protesting about Afghanistan? Of course the Far Lefties want
        them to stay in the war. Why does Rudd, Browne,Obama, still have soldiers in
        Afghanistan, if they are part of the anti-war Movement???????? What a big set-up
        by the Far Lefties again!

  32. Nicholas Folkes says

    Go Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons. These two British champions have inspired me to become more political active. After 12 years of destructive Niu Labour the British electorate is starting to realise that the main parties are actually against the British people. I know this stellar result in the European election will be repeated in the upcoming British election. All the best to Nick Griffin at the next big election, Gordon Brown should be put on trial with Tony Blair for crimes against the British people.

  33. When I say people just like you, I meant ordinary people who join groups far left protest groups like Get Up! and those who work in the government and media.

  34. Sally,
    These “masters” are people just like you Sally and they are practicing cultural warfare. The idea is to disempower people, by continually attacking and destroying their culture. This has been done to the West since the end of WW2 and for the most part the process is complete.

    Part 1: The History of Political Correctness;index=6

    Part 2: The History of Political Correctness;index=7

    Part 3: The History of Political Correctness

  35. Sally Woods says

    I see in America, Canada and New Zealand our cousins are pushing for their
    rights, and asking who are these “New Communist Masters”?
    Where do these strange people come from? Why have they been defiling our

  36. Sally Woods says

    OF 2 EUROPEAN SEATS. Our enemies will not like this, and will be out to
    destroy us. The English people and the Aussies will start to rise up against
    our enemies who are pushing for our demise!! They have to make us disappear
    because we have always stood-up for our Anglo/Saxon rights. They want us to
    be “displaced people” without a country!! These people are opportunist racist! that
    hate Anglo/Saxon people. Look at the Labour Party,the hate they have for the
    Anglo/Saxons is obvious!

  37. I would like to wish the APP well and also say that I am pleased with the BNP’s results. I stumbled into the BNP website in 2003 while looking for something else as one so often does on the web, and have followed them closely ever since. I have been very impressed with their highly professional approach and have at the same time deeply lamented the absence of such an effective nationalist party in Australia. Now the APP has arrived to rectify that deficiency or at least try to and there no doubt it can learn a great deal from the BNP. However one sage piece of advice I wil give, something that the BNP has learned, is that one thing that the APP must do, is scrutinise past records of prospective candidates in every election, and exclude those with unacceptable political (or other) skeletons in their juvenile closets.

    Of course people do change and grow up, and no doubt some people who made such mistakes years ago are now playing, and will continue to play in future, very important roles in the APP. But anyone who expects more than a marginalised minority to actually vote for such individuals is living in cloud-cuckoo land. This is not to call for a politically correct witch-hunt, but simply to point out that, if the APP really wishes to be taken seriously, it has to put up candidates for whom Mr. & Mrs. Average Australian will vote. Those people who have now bitterly regretted errors in their past can do any number of things for the party, but standing as unusually vulnerable candidates in important elections should not be one of them. Of course it is unjust that the media rake up old phrases and photographs from years or even decades ago, but since we all know the kind of people who run the media, there is no point in complaining when they report facts.
    The bottom line is that however much you expect your enemies in the media to try to beat you, it is only sensible and responsible to refrain from handing them sticks with which to do it.

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