Whaling – An Affront to Decency and National Sovereignty

Media release

Australian Protectionist Party National Chairman and South Australian Spokesman Mr. Andrew Phillips today condemned both the Opposition and Australian government for their lame reactions to the escalation of Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean.

“On one side, we have the Howard government virtually silent on this issue, while on the other, the ALP makes some interesting noises about using the Australian military – then tells us they will only be taking pictures of the slaughter” Mr. Phillips said.

The Australian Protectionist Party supports the enforcement of the Australian declared whale sanctuary in the Southern Ocean. The Party calls upon the Australian government to actively pursue the integrity of Australian national sovereignty over our territory in both the Southern Ocean and our territorial waters around the Antarctic.

“The declaration by the Japanese that they intend to slaughter over 1000 whales in our backyard for so called ‘scientific purposes’ should be actively opposed by not only our politicians but every reasonable Australian” Mr. Phillips continued. “There is growing evidence of a decline in the demand for whale meat in Japan – to the extent that a campaign has been launched in schools to educate the young about the delight of consuming whale meat and the fact that there is such a surplus that unsold whale meat is ending up in homes for the aged”.

“The time has come for the Australian people to demand their governments do the right thing on this issue” Mr. Phillips said. “The government must assure the nation our territorial integrity will not be violated and warn the Japanese that any whaling undertaken outside of international waters and within those controlled by Australia will be dealt with severely”.

“The Japanese should be informed that their crews will be detained, ships impounded and the parent companies prosecuted to the fullest extent available” Mr. Phillips concluded.

Statement issued by Mr. Andrew Phillips
National Chairman and S.A. spokesman, Australian Protectionist Party
20th November 2007

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