Immigration – Nation Building or Mere Greed?

Media release

Australian Protectionist Party National Chairman and S.A. Spokesman, Mr. Andrew Phillips today condemned media reports celebrating the flood of immigrants from the “developing world”.

“At a time when our nation is struggling under the burden of drought and implementing water restrictions, one must wonder at the motivation of our national leaders and business representatives when they call for an increase in immigration to our shores” Mr. Phillips said.

The Australian Protectionist Party recognizes the need for a responsible level of immigration. Party policy promotes a sensible policy based on zero net immigration, drawing on traditional sources such as Europe and the UK in order to promote a harmonious and cohesive society free from racial strife and enmity.

“The calls for increased immigration from sources such as Asia and the sub continent by Business SA’s Peter Vaughan are motivated purely by greed and not national interest” Mr. Phillips continued, “His statement that they are needed to create consumer demand indicates his true intent”.

“The fallback on imported labour and consumers is a glaring indication of inept government planning and multinational greed” Mr. Phillips said.

“Consultation with business groups, monitoring the economy, responsible immigration and a sensible education policy would ensure our nation had the skills to meet the requirements of economic growth and our youth engaged in fulfilling careers” Mr. Phillips concluded.

Statement issued by Mr. Andrew Phillips
National Chairman and S.A. spokesman, Australian Protectionist Party
23rd September 2007

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