Remembrance Day 2022

On this day we remember the men and women who fought and died for our country.

In a multitude of conflicts, Australians have served all around the world. Whether it was on the hills of Gallipoli, in the trenches of France, in the deserts of the Middle East, in the skies over Europe, on the high seas around the globe, manning the anti-aircraft guns in Port Darwin, fighting on the Kokoda Track, in Korea, in Vietnam, or in a myriad of other places, our military personnel have given their all in the service of their people.

We not only owe them remembrance, we also owe them assistance. It is our duty, as a nation, to fully help our returned veterans with economic assistance, to facilitate their reintegration into civilian life and jobs, help with their injuries, provide support for any psychological trauma (e.g. PTSD), and to give aid to the families of those whose husbands and fathers, and wives and mothers, never came home.

A lot of good work has been done over the years by the Returned and Services League (RSL), Legacy, and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. However, sometimes people fall through the cracks of the support networks, and sometimes the government (or desk-bound and penny-pinching bureaucrats) fail our veterans. If we are to truly pay homage to our military personnel, then we must not only remember their sacrifices, but we need to make sure that they are fully supported as they should be.

Featured below is a short video, with General Angus J. Campbell, Chief of the Australian Defence Force, made in remembrance of our heroes.

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