Federal election 21 May 2022

With the federal election due to occur on Saturday 21 May 2022, many people are wondering who they should vote for. Should they vote for Liberal or Labor? Well, that’s like having to decide whether you should infect yourself with the Black Plague or Cholera. Neither is any good for you; in fact, both are disastrous.

The truth is that the Liberal and Labor parties have been working against the Australian people at least since the 1970s (and even before that). The major parties are anti-Australian entities, full of traitors and un-Australian scumbags. No decent Australian should vote for any of them; however, most of this country’s people have not as yet taken the Red Pill, and (probably through no fault of their own, as such) are still mentally shackled by the bias, lies, and treachery of the mainstream media when it comes to political thinking.

We shouldn’t ever put Liberal or Labor as number one on a voting ticket. Don’t forget that the Australian Electoral Commission, by law, has to give them money for every number one vote they get. That applies to all candidates who get over 4% of the vote. Who does that law favour? The Liberal-Labor parties. Who made that little bit of corruption law? The Liberal-Labor parties. What a surprise (not).

We need to punish the bastards.

Always put the Liberal-Labor parties last on the voting ticket.

In fact, better yet, put the sitting member last on the ticket. It doesn’t matter who they are, or whether they’re Liberal or whether they’re Labor; just put the sitting member last. We need to upset the apple cart, and turf them all out of their comfy jobs. We can’t have a new broom in this country, unless we burn the old brooms. Burn it all down, and start again.

Whilst there are no perfect electioneering political parties in Australia, it would be worthwhile supporting the broadly-patriotic parties, who at the very least would be better than the Liberal-Labor traitors, who have shown their true colours by their past actions.

In that sense, the parties worth voting for include:
* One Nation Party
* United Australia Party
* Great Australian Party
* Katter’s Australian Party
* Australian Federation Party

When it comes to the Liberal-Labor duopoly:

Remember the past,
Put the bastards last!

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