The New Year brings new opportunities

Happy New Year to all APP members and supporters!

We hope that 2022 will be a much better one for Australia.

2021 saw our country turned into some sort of Orwellian dystopia, with people confined to their homes (under virtual house arrest), night-time curfews placed upon the general populace, and the government carrying out widespread tracking of the movements of millions of its citizens.

On top of all that, our society was restructured into a two-tier system, where those who kow-towed to government demands could relatively easily carry out their necessary business and private needs, but second class citizens were banned from even entering various places of business and recreation.

Police heavy-handedness was widespread, with many injustices being carried out against the citizenry, especially against those who had the shocking audacity to not knuckle down before government authority. If we wanted a small taste of what it is like to live under a dictatorship, then Chairman Dan and his ilk were more than willing to supply us with the necessary details. To their shame, the police carried out their dictatorial masters’ orders with vim and vigour, delighting in arresting pregnant women, bashing peaceful protestors, and shooting citizens with rubber bullets (which do far more damage than we had been led to believe).

What is perhaps even more outrageous is that many Australians stood by like sheep whilst all this was going on, bleating their refrain of “Toe the line, and you’ll be fine”. Thankfully, though, the Covid Crisis has woken up many thousands of Australians to the reality of so-called Australian Democracy; they have peeked behind the curtain of Government Power, and they are not impressed with what they’ve seen.

On the brighter side of things, this year will provide ordinary Australians with a chance to hit back against the two-party system which runs our country. It is to be hoped that the major parties will be permanently damaged by the backlash of the voting populace (if the major parties were permanently destroyed, then that would be a better option, but it’s just a case of “baby steps” at this stage). If enough Australians vote for the minor parties, then we could see a change occur in our national political landscape. We have our fingers crossed, although we do realise that a lot of the population are well-stuck in the groove of their traditional voting behaviours.

All of us need to spread our patriotic viewpoint as widely as possible. Speak to family, friends, and neighbours; distribute political literature, and discuss matters with others on the net, to convert people to our cause (whether in whole or in part). It’s not always easy, but political battles are often won one convert at a time.

Let’s make this year make a difference!

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