Victoria, the Police State

The Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews (and “friends”)

(From an APP member)

The state of Victoria used to use the slogan “Victoria, the Garden State”; however, with the way things are going at the moment, a more appropriate slogan would be “Victoria, the Police State”.

The Labor Government, drunk with power under the heady influence of the wide-sweeping despotic powers it has awarded itself during the “Covid Crisis”, has been turning the State of Victoria into some sort of “wannabe” fledgling Soviet State.

The latest news in the Soviet Gulag of Victoria, run by the Labor Party of Daniel Andrews (known widely as “Chairman Dan”, an apparent similarity reference to Chairman Mao), is that the government is closing down the city of Melbourne on Saturday 18 September 2001 because a public protest is planned against the government’s oppressive Covid regulations.

Closing down a major city because of a political protest? This is incredible stuff!

But that’s not all. Chairman Dan’s government is also shutting down public transport access to the city, to stop citizens from being able to get in.

However, even that’s not enough for Mao Tse Andrews, as he’s also flooding the city of Melbourne with huge numbers of police, and the Central Business District is to be barricaded, with access points being erected outside of the CBD.

What the actual frick is going on here?

Comrade Stalin, eat your heart out (he would’ve loved to have been part of this crackdown on democracy).

Welcome to the Police State of Victoria.

The Labor Party has always had communist and fascist-style leanings, but this is a new low, even for them. We shouldn’t be surprised; for many decades the Labor Party has been riddled with radical socialists, communists, communist sympathisers, and Cultural Marxists, and the real nature of this flea-riddled party is starting to reveal itself to the wider public (although the true face of the Labor Party has been obvious to many people for a long time).

An integral part of the Australian way of life is to have democratic freedoms. Both the Labor and Liberal parties have been undermining our essential freedoms for decades, bit by bit, drip by drip.

If we want a better Australia, we need to get away from the tired old political machinations of the anti-Australian establishment. We need a new breed of patriot; we need a cultural revolution, a new mindset, a new upsurge in nationalist thinking, and a new mass movement of nationalists who are committed to protecting Australia and the Australian way of life.

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Note: The reference to Daniel Andrews as “Chairman Dan” was applied to him primarily due to his links to Chinese infrastructure projects, although an ideological or political style similarity or connection to the Chairman of Communist China, Mao Tse-tung (Mao Zedong), appears to be implied in the comical and satirical label.

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