Anzac Day 2021

On this day we honour our heroes of the Australian military, who served their nation to preserve the way of life of our kith and kin.

They fought and died to keep us free, and so that we may have the lifestyle which we deserve.

Our freedoms and our culture are under attack now, as never before, for our enemies are not outside the gates, but are within, undermining our culture, our nationality, and our people’s very existence.

Today we fight a new fight, one that will take even more determination than that needed in conventional wars.

We look to the Anzacs to inspire us, to strengthen our resolve, and to fight in their honour, as they fought to give our nation life.

Whilst our battlefields are vastly different, and the physical risk is much less, the danger to our nation is no less real; for, although the peril we are up against is long-term, the outcome of the threats against us are far more dire, for we face the genocide of our people.

In the Cultural War in which we are engaged, we look to the memory of the Anzacs to drive us on, and to help us win victory against the hate-filled genocidal enemies of our people!

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