Facebook, the mainstream media, and the government

From an APP member

The recent banning by Facebook of various Australian government and news sites from their social media site brings up some interesting subject matter for Australians.

Firstly, this ban demonstrates the power of the Big Tech companies over nations, considering the huge reach of the big social media companies (which are mostly run by Leftist-leaning individuals).

Secondly, as the ban follows on from the Australian government’s legislation to make social media companies pay for when individuals on Facebook include links to mainstream media articles, it raises the issue of the media having a privileged position in society.

There is no necessity for the Australian government to be mandating that social media companies pay for the “privilege” of individuals placing links to, or text from, media articles on their social media pages, whether they be on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever. Indeed, considering that the big social media companies are based in the USA, it should be realised that under US law they are not regarded as publishers, but rather it is the individuals who are the publishers.

What about all other sites on the internet? For example, will personal sites on the net be given funds whenever their content is used, or linked to, on social media? What about nationalist organisations? Will nationalists be funded under this new law when their content is used in such a way? No, it’s just the mainstream media who are benefitting from this law. One has to wonder if there has been background lobbying by the big media companies and journalists to get this privileged position. As usual, they act as a class apart, as if they were an “elite” part of society who deserve so much more than the rest of the populace.

From a nationalist point of view, the question should be raised: Considering that the mainstream media are the enemies of our people, why should we help them at all? The answer is, of course, we shouldn’t be offering them any assistance whatsoever. The mainstream media are overwhelmingly anti-national and are a key part of the termite undermining of our nation, using their power of propaganda to support the anti-national ideology of Multiculturalism and to promote our people’s demographic genocide via massive Third World immigration.

Neither the Australian government nor Big Tech are the friends of the Australian people. The government has brought in laws to silence those who criticise the genocide of our people, whilst the Big Tech companies have banned many nationalists and conservatives all over the world, simply for having a different political viewpoint. Exceptions to the “cancel culture” are few in the sphere of social media, with Gab.com being the only one which is explicitly committed to freedom of speech.

The ruling class (including mainstream politicians, journalists, and a host of other traitors) hate the power of the internet, as it provides the populace with views that are suppressed, silenced, and attacked by the government and the mainstream media.

Whilst nationalists are not fans of Leftist-dominated Big Tech, nor are we fans of anti-national politicians and the traitorous mainstream media. As a general principle, the fewer restrictions there are on the internet, the better. We need more freedom to discuss cultural and social issues, not less.

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