Morrison snubs Trump, recognises Biden — and disgraces himself yet again

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s publicised decision to leap in and congratulate Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden as the new President of the USA, before the 2020 US Election had even concluded, was yet another disgraceful and un-Prime Ministerial act from Morrison. With accusations of widespread electoral fraud, threats of legal action from Republicans, and no concession from sitting US president Donald Trump, the only sensible path from Morrison would have been to allow the process to play out until a winner was formally declared.

This was the position taken by other world leaders, such as Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Brasil’s Jair Bolsonaro, and Mexico’s López Obrador.

However, no one should be terribly surprised at Morrison. After all, it was the same Prime Minister who called a “state of emergency” for Australia (following the saturation-propagated outbreak of a health crisis in Wuhan, China), before there was even one single positive test for it in Australia! This, of course, was the equivalent of “yelling fire in a crowded theatre”, before there was even a single spark. Of course it has led to the closure of many businesses, many jobs lost, lockdowns, travel and funeral restrictions, and the most restrictive and totalitarian controls ever imposed on Australia by its state and federal governments. Meanwhile, drones, helicopters and spotter planes still fly over Australian cities every day.

In recognising Biden as US president, Morrison has effectively “taken sides” in the most bitter and polarising election in US history; unprecedented for an Australian Prime Minister. No doubt another factor would have been Morrison trying to win brownie points with the anti-Trump Australian controlled media. He has also signalled to the globalist gangsters/Deep State, that he is their pawn — their minion, their lackey, their bitch; and that Australia will likely be completely compliant with any future global reform agenda, such as the World Economic Forum’s planned “Great Reset”.

If there was ever any doubt about this, Morrison also recently signed Australia up to the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), a 15-nation free trade alliance that also includes China.

Typical of the type of political prostitute Morrison and his ilk are, he has simply taken the easy, lazy and expedient road, as opposed to the right and principled road.

This should not surprise too many nationalists, who have known that Australia has been run for many decades by a traitor class of politicians, who have simply done what the globalist gangsters want them to do — rather than act in the best interests of ordinary, normal common Australians.

No Australian has ever voted for any part of “The Great Reset”. Instead, it was planned behind closed doors, with no accountability, scrutiny, media publicity, or public debate. Of course it will be thrust upon the world in response to the economic devastation wreaked upon the world by the saturation-publicised coronavirus scare. Perhaps not by coincidence.

A fish rots from the head; and Morrison is nothing but a rotting fish.

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