Remembrance Day 2020

On this day we remember the bravery and sacrifices of the Australian armed forces.

The soldiers, sailors, and airmen of our country’s army, navy, and air force have time and time again put their lives on the line in service of their duty and their people.

We should also remember the doctors, nurses, and orderlies of the armed forces who looked after our fighting men, and who often risked death in their duties whilst inside battle zones.

The devotion of these men and women to their nation and to their comrades deserves respectful remembrance.

Whilst the term “Anzac” arose during the First World War, it has also been applied to all of our military personnel. Anyone who has fought for our country should be proud to be part of the long line of Anzacs.

Australian nationalists of modern times could do no better than to emulate the strength of character and commitment to duty displayed by our Anzac heroes.

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