Haters of our history want to change Australian place names

The anti-Australian forces in our country are stepping up their attacks upon our heritage and traditions.

It is now being demanded that we change the name of the states of Victoria and Queensland. These calls are being led by Lidia Thorpe, the radical Aboriginal activist and Greens senator-elect, who is not representative of the wider community, but represents those who hold extreme Leftist and anti-Australian views.

Calls for the renaming of two Australian states may sound crazy and impossible, but when one considers the list of Australian place names which have been changed at the behest of anti-Australian radicals, it is apparent that such a change is not out of the realms of possibility. Ayers Rock is now called Uluru, the Olgas are now known as Kata Tjuṯa, the Grampians have been bestowed with the name of Gariwerd, Wilpena Pound is now Ikara, Mount Wheeler is now Mount Gai-i (Gawula), and Mount Jim Crow has become Mount Baga. Some places have been given dual names, Aboriginal and European.

Another name change occurred recently. Following Leftist demands to rename the King Leopold Ranges, over allegations of racist behaviour way back in history, the Labor government of Western Australia changed the name to the Wunaamin Miliwundi Ranges (a change of name for the ranges was previously touted in 2017 by Albert Jacob, then the WA Liberal Party’s Minister for the Environment and Heritage). They replaced King Leopold’s name with a name from Aboriginal tribes, those same tribes who, way back in history, treated women as chattel and who murdered “surplus” babies. So, apparently the “historical wrongs” rationale only applies to white people.

If we are going to be consistent in replacing historical names which have negative allegations levelled against them, then that would mean getting rid of all Aboriginal tribal names throughout the entire country. Of course, that’s not going to happen — because allegations of past historical misbehaviour is nothing but an excuse, a covering-up of the real agenda behind the renaming of our nation’s places.

The excuses to get rid of Australian place names may vary from case to case, but the underlying agenda is always the same — to demolish and destroy our cultural and historical links to our British and European origins, and to remove any ties to the British and European peoples.

Leftists have plans to rename lots of Australian place names. For example, a document hosted on the website of the Australian National University talks of “Reinstating Aboriginal place names around Port Jackson and Botany Bay”, along with their wider intent: “It is hoped that this adoption of Aboriginal placenames in the Sydney Harbour area will encourage attempts to reinstate Aboriginal placenames across NSW.”

It should be obvious that Leftist radicals aren’t going to be satisfied with renaming just a few places in Australia — they want to change the lot.

Jack Latimore, in The Guardian, has demonstrated the intentions of the anti-Australian Left:

“The decision to scrap the European monikers of two mountains in central Queensland and return their titles to traditional Aboriginal names should be the impetus for extensive change in the way contemporary Australia identifies its landforms and places. But why settle there? The nation’s man-made markers should all be given Indigenous names too.

The relevant First Nations origin names must be restored to every one of this country’s geographical features, and dual name discontinued immediately. New provisions within naming policy outlines could then include not only restoring Aboriginal language names to our cultural landscapes and sacred sites, but also the ability to rename in Indigenous languages towns and cities, communication towers, transport systems, places of knowledge, learning and faith, and all public spaces and memorials.”

The anti-Australian Left aren’t going to be appeased with the renaming of just a few places. Each win against traditional Australia will only spur them on to rename even more places.

The changing of place names is all part of a bigger picture, whereby radical Aborigines and Leftists want to reshape Australia in their image. They want to change our place names, our institutions, our symbols, and (eventually) our way of life.

The same type of people want to get rid of the current Australian flag and our ties to the British monarchy, not because of aesthetics, but because they link Australia to our nation’s British origins. At this point in time, changing the flag or instituting a republic would simply be playing into the hands of the Multiculturalists and anti-Australian agitators. There may be a stage in the future, when the Culture Wars have been won by the forces of true blue Australianism, that the Australian people may decide to become a republic (whilst keeping our ties to the British and European nations in other ways); if so, a change of flag may be deemed appropriate as well. However, until then, such a change would only aid the Multiculturalists in their fight to undermine our nation’s British and European heritage.

Those who long for the death of the Australian nation want to change our place names, our institutions, and our symbols. It isn’t hard to realise what all that would be replaced with — a country of Far Left politics, Political Correctness, and Multiculturalism; however, as the agenda of those people is intrinsically tied to massive Third World immigration and the Great Replacement, Australia is likely to end up as a conglomerate of Third World ethnicities, perhaps even with a Muslim-dominated cultural system; this possible future for our country has been labelled by some as “Auschindiastan” — it certainly wouldn’t be the Australia we know and love (Auschindiastan will only come about with the death of traditional Australia).

Defending our heritage and traditions is more than it appears on the surface — it is also about ensuring the survival of the Australian nation.

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