The Coronavirus, China, and Australia’s future

Panic buying in Australian supermarkets has left many shelves bare

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Whilst the advent of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been causing panic in the community, leading to empty supermarket shelves, social distancing, and the closure of businesses, institutions, and events, there is an important aspect of this situation which has been missing from the wider national discussion.

The Coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated that, in times of need, Australia cannot rely upon the outside world for all materials which are considered desirable, or essential, for a modern country.

In some ways we were lucky that the panic buying in Australian shops was focused on foodstuffs, toilet paper, and anti-bacterial soaps, as Australia can produce all of these products.

However, if the panic buyers were really smart, they would have also stocked up on things like light globes and matches, which are no longer produced in Australia (thanks to economic globalism) — the fault for this lack of local production lies mainly with the short-sighted anti-nationalist politicians of the Liberal and Labor parties, who dismantled our nation’s trade barriers and allowed our homegrown manufacturing industries to be destroyed.

Economic protectionism required to safeguard Australia
The creation (or re-creation) and continuance of widespread manufacturing industries in Australia is vital for our nation’s economic health, for the reduction of unemployment lines, and for times of international disaster.

If a viral or bacterial threat worse than the Coronavirus eventuates, or if there was an international war, then supplies of certain products could cease coming into Australia, especially in the quantities required to sustain the level of modern living which we have come to expect.

As part of a long-term strategy, and with forward-thinking disaster preparedness in mind, Australia needs to reinvigorate its manufacturing industries.

A well-formulated scheme for economic protectionism is needed, in order to revitalise manufacturing in our country, so that Australia has the long-term protection it needs against future disasters.

Becoming subservient to China
Many common products required for everyday life are now manufactured overseas, often being made in China. Australia is getting to the stage (if it hasn’t reached it already) whereby it is utterly dependent on China to keep its economy going.

Thanks to globalist economic theories, peddled by internationalist economists, money-grubbing politicians, and anti-nationalists, Australia is now being economically dominated by China (especially when it comes to manufacturing).

Australia runs the risk of becoming subservient to China, if that hasn’t happened already. This is madness. China cannot be trusted to act in our best interests; indeed, it should be obvious that the Chinese will operate on the basis of only using Australia for their own ends — whilst national self-interest is a natural phenomenon, allowing your own nation to be dominated by another country is the product of the globalist cultural ideology and globalist economic subjugation (both of which are forms of anti-national treachery).

China is a country which is dominated by a mix of Communism (hardline Socialism) and Capitalism, where human rights abuses abound. In fact, it has been asserted that China is the Asian modern-day equivalent of Nazi Germany; considering China’s attempts to dominate its neighbours (economically, politically, and militarily), its rampant abuse of human rights, its suppression of ethnic-religious minorities, and its authoritarian style of government and policing, such an assertion would appear to have merit.

Chinese shopping gangs
Australians were shocked to find that much-needed supplies of baby formulae were being bought up in bulk by hordes of organised Chinese shoppers, who were then sending the product over to China. Half-hearted attempts were made to stop the practice occurring in supermarkets; but, in the face of weak-kneed supermarket managers (who should have stopped the anti-Australian practice, but faced with the possibility of angry confrontations, accusations of “racism”, and a lack of support from the corporate administration), the Chinese just gamed the system and continued on in a more subdued style.

So, what did the Australian government do about the baby formulae outrage? Nothing. Well, nothing at the supermarket level anyway. At the industry level, they allowed the Chinese to buy up one of Australia’s main producers of baby formulae, and huge amounts of that product are now being shipped from Australia to China and tough luck to any Australian mothers who are finding it difficult to locate baby formulae on the supermarket shelves).

During the Coronavirus crisis many reports were received of busloads of Chinese shoppers being driven out to country supermarkets, whereupon they would descend upon stores like a plague of locusts, and strip the aisles of goods — leaving the locals to face rows upon rows of bare shelves. The possibility exists that these outrages were being organised by the same people who ran the baby formulae “shopping gangs”. However, that would be a story for another time.

Time for a new broom
Australia has a Foreign Investment Review Board, which is supposed to look after our national interests in the economic sphere; however, the FIRB is notorious for allowing all sorts of foreign buy-ups of Australian companies and assets.

China has been buying up big in Australia, grabbing farms, mines, airports, and all sorts of economic infrastructure.

The Northern Territory government even allowed the Chinese to lease the port of Darwin for 99 years. This is crazy stuff! Who but a traitor would allow such things? Sadly, being a traitor is basically a prerequisite to become a majority party politician in Australia.

We need a new broom to sweep the country clean; it’s time for a nationalist government to run the country, and to end the foreign ownership of vital Australian assets, to ban the sale of businesses, homes, and land to foreign buyers. No Australian business should be more than 49% foreign owned, if that. It’s time for Australians to reclaim their country.

The Coronavirus should remind us all that Australia has long-term interests that need to be looked after. Rebuilding our manufacturing base will enable us to rebuild Australia’s economy, reduce unemployment, and ensure the wellbeing of our people in times of crisis.

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