Ayers Rock off-limits to Australians

So now Ayers Rock is off-limits to Australians. No longer will visitors be able to climb to the top of one of Australia’s most iconic tourist attractions.

The local Aborigines have dictated to us all that no-one is to be allowed to climb Ayers Rock, because allegedly it is against their religion to do so. Not that we can ever really be sure if that is the case or not, considering that “religion” was the excuse used to stop the building of a bridge to Hindmarsh Island — supposedly due to “secret women’s business”, which was later shown to be a big lie concocted by local Aborigines.

Paddy Uluru, the Aborigine who was regarded as the “most senior Aboriginal custodian” of Ayers Rock, said that he couldn’t care less if tourists climbed the Rock; he stated “If tourists are stupid enough to climb the rock, they’re welcome to it”. Uluru said it was the Aboriginal story regarding the rock that was sacred, not the rock itself. Indeed, Anangu tribesmen used to act as tour guides for people climbing the Rock.

Of course, the real blame for this whole mess lies with past Prime Minister Bob Hawke, who — without the consent of the Australian people — handed over Ayers Rock to the Aborigines in 1985. Hawke also handed over the Olgas to the Aborigines. As a double-whammy, the landmark icon was renamed as “Ayers Rock / Uluru” (later gazetted to “Uluru / Ayers Rock”, to give the Aboriginal name greater prominence) — this was just another way of undermining Australia’s European heritage (similarly, under the government’s dual naming policy, there is now “Mount Olga / Kata Tjuṯa”).

Aborigines have demanded that Australians “respect our culture”. Well, rock-climbing and mountaineering is part of Australian culture (indeed, part of Western culture), whereby people challenge themselves to climb the largest and tallest geographic places — so, the Aborigines should respect our culture too.

The banning of Australians from Ayers Rock is part and parcel of the Politically Correct Establishment’s anti-Australian agenda. Australians are already banned from large swathes of land in the outback — and now we’re banned from Ayers Rock as well.

Ayers Rock belongs to the Australian people. The treachery of Bob Hawke and his fellow-travellers should be overturned, with the ownership of the Rock being returned to the Australian people, rather than being left in the hands of a self-interested small group of people with their own agenda.

The banning of Australians from Ayers Rock is just the beginning. The movers and shakers of the PC Establishment are hell-bent on damaging and destroying our heritage and our rights. Under the rule of the Multiculturalist regime, what else lies in store for us?

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  1. Like you need to know what I want to say? I couldn’t give a rat’s arse about climbing that rock, shite it’s just a rock I would rather have a drink in a pub! It’s just another thorn in the heel of Anglo Saxon so-called shame of us taking over “their” country. To the conqueror go the spoils, I’m sick and tired of felling guilty, well I really don’t anyway but I’m sick and tired of these whoever they are trying to “make” me feel guilty about something that I wasn’t even a part of. Oh Yeh! Forgot about “White Privilege” because my forefathers gave me that although I never knew I had it but they had to lose arms and legs to protect this bloody country from the invaders from the North. Give me a bloody break! I’m sick of it all and what do they want anyway apart from money that they never worked for? I think I have said enough, so that’s my mind set, so get going or get out!

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