ScoMo reveals hand with new ministry — he’s a cuck

The appointment of a new ministry reveals a lot about a newly-elected Prime Minister. As the PM who won (what many pundits were claiming to be an unwinnable election for the Liberal-National Coalition), Scott Morrison (ScoMo) had been in a position of some authority within the Liberal Party. He had a landmark opportunity to stamp his authority, and do the right thing by pushing back against political correctness and the progressive Left in the Culture War, by appointing the right people to the right ministerial portfolios.

Yet, Morrison has failed spectacularly. Instead, ScoMo’s new cabinet looks very similar to his old cabinet, and not much different to the one he inherited previously from Malcolm Turnbull, who, of course, ended up being ousted by his own party.

WA Senator Linda Reynolds has been promoted from Defence Industry to being the new Defence Minister. Meanwhile the new Defence Industry Minister is Melissa Price (reportedly a believer in man-made global warming), who had apparently found the job of Environment Minister to be beyond her, and had requested a new portfolio. Both women are reported to have been Turnbull supporters.

The Australian Defence Force is a very male-dominated industry, and is known to be very conservative, which is why some defence personnel would likely consider it more fitting to have a man in the role of Defence Minister, which is relevant as Defence is struggling to gain new recruits, as a recent Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s (ASPI) report revealed. For example, it’s been reported that the frigate HMAS Perth has been stuck in dry dock since 2017, because the navy has failed to recruit enough sailors.

Yet now the two senior defence positions in the Australian government are now being occupied by not-so-conservative women. Linda Reynolds, a former Army Reserve bureaucrat, has been a radical supporter of greater female inclusion in the ADF, even advocating mixed gender combat units. Astonishingly, she even once called for gender desegregation in professional sports.

At a time when Australia desperately needs some leadership on gender issues, ScoMo has promoted a radical ideological feminist to the position of Defence Minister, no doubt in an attempt to placate the “Labor Lite” forces still obviously infesting the Liberal Party.

It’s an astonishing and deeply disappointing capitulation from Morrison, and a truly perfect example of a fake conservative “cucking” — compromising on conservative principles to try and win favour with so-called “social progressives”.

Even more disturbing about the Reynolds appointment is that Morrison had a potentially brilliant alternative Defence Minister right there in front of his nose. Andrew Hastie, the member for Canning in Western Australia, had just substantially increased his electoral margin at the 2019 federal election, despite being “linked” with “farrrrrr rrrrright extremists” in news reports [insert scary music].

Mr. Hastie is a decorated former military officer, who unlike Linda Reynolds, has actually seen combat. Known for his conservative views on social and political issues, he may have been just the man to help reverse the politically correct rot that has crept into the ADF, especially following the disastrous influence of former Army Chief and “diversity” advocate David Morrison.

Andrew Hastie is just the sort of man who would inspire the troops. By stark contrast, Linda Reynolds is the sort of Defence Minister who would more likely inspire men to leave the Australian Defence Force.

Another truly terrible ministerial appointment is Ken Wyatt getting Aboriginal Affairs.

Appointing an Aborigine to Aboriginal Affairs might win brownie points with the gesture politics-obsessed PC brigade, but it is pure tokenism, and an extremely foolish move, because it only gives credence and encouragement to Aboriginal identity politics and the never-ending political demands of Aboriginal lobbyists. Ken Wyatt was also a Turnbull supporter, and clearly a “Labor Lite” Liberal, who would have felt just at home in the Labor Party.

As an MP, Wyatt has always played up his Aboriginality. When he first sat in parliament as an MP, he wore a traditional Booka — a kangaroo skin coat with feathers from a red-tailed black cockatoo, which signifies leadership in Noongar culture. In his maiden speech to parliament, Wyatt broke down in tears and thanked former Labor PM Kevin Rudd for his national apology to the “Stolen Generations” (sic).

Wyatt declared himself a supporter of the push to have Aborigines “recognised” specifically and exclusively in the Australian constitution. The taxpayer-funded lobbying group Reconciliation Australia welcomed “the appointment of Ken Wyatt as the first Aboriginal person to hold the Indigenous Affairs portfolio and the first to hold a Cabinet position”.

Wyatt even once worked with disgraced former Labor Senator Nova Perris on a joint parliamentary committee “conducting hearings and taking submissions into the way forward for constitutional reform”.

In his new role, Wyatt will focus on “Closing The Gap” between Aboriginal and non-aboriginal Australians (because, supposedly, all disparities between groups are unjust and can only be caused by injustice and oppression).

Whereas former Liberal PM John Howard abolished ATSIC and undoubtedly outmaneuvered and quashed the “process of reconciliation” (TM) demanded by Aboriginal lobbyists, setting back their militant agenda by many years, by appointing Ken Wyatt as Aboriginal Affairs Minister, ScoMo is signalling that he intends to see it revamped. This is most concerning.

It is obvious from ScoMo’s ministerial appointments that he intends to play a similar game to Turnbull — try to please everybody. We all know how that ended for Turnbull. Despite their recent electoral victory against an inept and leftward-over-reaching Labor Party, there is undoubtedly still deep divisions simmering under the surface of the Liberal Party. Should the Morrison government begin to slip in the polls, it may well be a case of the biggest threat to Morrison’s leadership coming not from Labor, but from within.

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