Chinese only, Australians need not apply

It has shockingly been revealed that the Liberal National Party in Queensland now has a branch which was created just for ethnic Chinese. This says a lot about the political elites who rule Australia, showing both their hypocrisy and their kowtowing attitudes.

Would the Liberal National elitists want the creation of an “Australians only” or a “Whites only” branch? No, they definitely wouldn’t, as that would be considered “racist”. However, they certainly don’t seem to have a problem with the notion of a “Chinese only” or “Asians only” branch; although they might be starting to rethink it all now, considering the backlash that appeared once the news became public.

Liberal politicians have, for decades, thought that money is more important than nationality. With the financial ascension of the Asian economies, they touted an “Asian future” for Australia, a future that was to be Asian in political, economic, and demographic terms. This “Asian future” treachery permeated all levels of the political Establishment, and had real effects upon the Australian people.

Dr. Peter Wilkinson’s book, The Howard Legacy: Displacement of Traditional Australia from the Professional and Managerial Classes, shows how the Liberal Government, under John Howard, bent over backwards for this “Asian future”, giving away so much of our national future to Asian immigrants and Asian students that a significant proportion of Australian youth became educationally and financially disenfranchised.

Whilst Liberal politicians have ceased prostituting themselves for an “Asian future”, publicly at least, that mindset did not just disappear, but remains as a part of their general globalist machinations.

If our nation is to have a future, or to even survive, then we need to replace the current political “elite” (the anti-national Establishment) with real Australians who will put our people first.

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For those interested, The Howard Legacy by Dr. Peter Wilkinson is available from: Digital Print Australia.


  1. Same thing is happening here in Canada, plus it seems like refugee rights trump everyone else’s.

  2. Brian Johnson says

    I worry about the future of Australia, the future of my grandchildren and great grandchildren. We seem to be curtailing to the whims of the elite and the country is set to implode in my opinion. We are being manipulated by these elite. They own the media interests and use it to brainwash the masses.
    Australia is being sold by the elite for $$$$$$$.

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