Islamic terrorism is a matter of proportion

With yet another Islamic terrorist attack upon a Western country (in Manchester, England), it should be a wake-up call to all politicians that Muslim immigration needs to be halted.

However, we all know that’s just not going to happen. The traitorous politicians of the anti-national Establishment are dedicated to the failed political ideology of Multiculturalism – and stopping Muslim immigration would be tantamount to admitting that Multiculturalism has been a disaster.

The mad Multiculturalists keep on spewing out the same tired old mantras, usually something like “Most Muslims aren’t terrorists”, as if people weren’t already aware of that. Although the Establishment politicians and their sycophants wouldn’t be willing to admit it, the “Most Muslims aren’t terrorists” line is actually irrelevant – because Islamic terrorism is a matter of proportion.

Consider the number of terrorists we in Australia would be likely to get if we took in a million European immigrants, compared to the number of terrorists we would be likely to get if we took in a similar number from Third World Islamic countries. It’s a huge difference.

The police and security services have already stopped quite a few terrorist incidents in Australia. Those terrorist activities were being planned by a numerically small number of Muslims; however, it only takes a small number of terrorists to kill and maim thousands of people.

The Establishment politicians and their anti-national fellow-travellers know full well that Islamic immigration into Australia includes lots of Muslim fundamentalists, including many who are supportive of terrorist actions, as well as some who are inclined to actually carrying out terrorist attacks.

For Islamic terrorism to occur, it doesn’t need 100% of Muslims to be terrorists, it just needs a small proportion who are willing to make it happen. The higher the number of Muslim immigrants we take in, the higher the chances are of us becoming the victims of terrorism.

Imagine if you had to host a large event, with the option to invite one of two groups of people. One group are just an ordinary bunch of people, whilst the other group includes one or two individuals who want to kill you, and who are ready and willing to do so (you don’t know who they are, but you know they’re part of that group). Which of the two groups would you invite to your event?

It’s easy to answer that question, isn’t it? In fact, you would have to be pretty stupid to invite the group which included people with murderous intent. But that’s exactly what’s happening with Muslim immigration.

We know that immigration from Islamic countries is likely to include some terrorists, and/or some inclined to become terrorists. Additionally, we know that the immigration of certain Third World ethnic groups will lead to higher crime rates. Both of those things are facts.

But the anti-Australian politicians and their anti-national fellow-travellers don’t particularly care if Australians are murdered by Muslim terrorists, and they don’t care about the higher crime rates. All of those victims – people who would never have been murdered, bashed, raped, or robbed, if it wasn’t for Third World immigration – mean nothing to the “Antis”.

The reason that the Antis don’t care is because their commitment to the political ideology of Multiculturalism is worth far more to them than the lives of Australians. Additionally, the chances of the committed Antis actually living in Islamic-dominated areas are pretty small; for, despite their anti-Western and anti-white rhetoric, they primarily live in culturally-Western and racially-white suburbs. They want other people to bear the brunt of the street realities of living in a Multicultural society; their hypocrisy knows no bounds. So, forget about the hypocritical anti-Australians; they don’t care about you, why should you care about them?

If and when a major Islamic terrorist incident happens in Australia, then that blood will be on the hands of everyone who supports Muslim immigration.

If we are serious about dealing with the problem of Islamic terrorism, then we need to stop Muslim immigration.

For the sake of our nation, we need to restrict immigration to people from culturally-compatible Western nations.

Don’t be an Anti-Australian, be a True Australian.


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    Fair call.

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