Voting recommendations, broad principles

From an APP member

As a general rule for any and all elections, the following guidelines are suggested, to give preferential votes in the following order:

1) Patriotic candidates.

2) Independent candidates.

3) Minor miscellaneous parties.

4) Minor Globalist parties.
(e.g. Greens, Socialists, Communists, etc.)

5) Major Globalist parties.
(Labor and Liberal parties, in whichever order you decide.)

The minor Globalist parties may be more strident in their Globalist ideology, but they are unlikely to win government (indeed, it is rare that they are even elected to a House of Representatives seat). They may sound highly crazy in the ideological claptrap that they spout, but they are a low threat because they are extremely unlikely to ever be running a government. These people are evil and dangerous, but are unlikely to have a major impact on parliament.

The major Globalist parties may sound less strident in their Globalist ideology, but they win government all the time, and they are responsible for most of the ill-effects facing our nation. They have destroyed our industries, imported the Islamic menace, put our people on the road to demographic genocide, and have been betraying our nation since at least the 1960s and 1970s, always eating away at the foundations of our society slowly but surely. These people are evil and dangerous, and have a massive impact upon both parliament and government.

As a general rule, when it comes to the major Globalist parties, always put the sitting Member of Parliament last. Liberal and Labor politicians should be kicked out of office as often as possible. The Liberal-Labor parties are a pack of traitors and should be punished for what they have done. The only exception to this rule is if there as a rare Labor or Liberal sitting candidate who truly stands for patriotic or traditional values, then by all means vote for that person (or, if the non-sitting candidate is rabidly anti-patriotic or anti-traditional, then put them last).

The Liberal and Labor parties have passed an electoral funding law whereby if anyone votes for them the Australian Electoral Commission will give their party $2.50 for each vote (i.e. the taxpayer foots the bill). So never give Liberal or Labor your number one vote, because then you are funding them.

It is worthwhile noting that the Liberal and Labor parties, when they passed the electoral funding law, made sure to include a provision which says that funding will only be given to those candidates who obtain at least 4% of the first preference votes in their electorate, which ensures that the Liberal and Labor parties get funded, but that the vast majority of minor parties and independent candidates get no funding at all. It is a piece of open corruption worthy of any banana republic.

Current funding rate”, Australian Electoral Commission [the current funding rate is $2.59 per vote]
Election funding”, Australian Electoral Commission [“A candidate or Senate group is eligible for election funding if they obtain at least 4% of the first preference vote in the division or the state or territory they contested”]

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